Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quick adoption update

Just being home a few days there is not a whole lot to report.  Our agency fedex'd our I-800 out for us.  We already had filled out the I-864W.  Agency is checking w/ coordinating team over in Bulgaria making sure there is nothing else we need to update in order for court to happen.  I took some updated docs over there last week that I knew would expire such as the medicals.  So,I think we are on track.  Next step is waiting for that I-800 approval.  I believe once that happens, we are allowed a court date.  Waiting is always so hard for me as I'm terribly impatient.  Especially, when it comes to my kids.  I want to see their faces every morning.  Not just pictures.  Kids are asking when they are coming home.  The I don't know answer doesn't fly well around here.  They told us approximately 3 months before we left Bulgaria.  however, they also said it depends up the judge's vacation in August.  Most judges take off the entire month of August.  Umm, must be nice to have a month long vacation.  Not heard of too often in America.  Praying things go quickly so that we can go ahead and have court.  It's not up to me though.  All I can do is do whatever documents they ask for the day they ask for them.  We are doing all we can do to get to them right away.  At least one of our 3 truly needs to come home quickly and start the healing process.  I know government officials don't understand how every day is critical.  How just one day leads to more healing time.  I have children at home with PTSD and emotional trauma and other issues.  Time is critical for them.  The sooner the better.  I know we have the rest of our lives together.  But, the faster we can do this, the better in the long run for our little girl.  I know much of that didn't make sense as I'm not allowed to share certain info.  It will make sense to you all later on.  Just as the whole CPS thing I had to wait to share till all was over. 

So, we stand in a holding pattern waiting on government officials. I think sometimes it is sad how much our government is involved in the adoption process.  I know it has to happen for the safety of the kids.  But, I don't think our government officials understand how important their job is for our kids.  I do wish folks working in these government adoption positions could hear our stories and see the kids before and after.  Maybe it wouldn't make a difference but maybe it would.  Waiting months for approvals as has been proven in the past, can be deadly for some of the more critical orphans waiting overseas.  Okay, soapbox over.   I do know that many are most likely overworked.  It is not their fault.  Everyone is stretched thin in government nowadays.  We all our.  But, they are still a key role in getting our children home and we must respect the time it takes to do that.  No matter how hard for us waiting parents.  These are children 8,9 and 10 for us.  The wait is absolutely no easier the more times you've done it. I think sometimes it may be harder b/c you know just how much the kids mean to us.  Hopefully, I will have another adoption update in a few weeks. 

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