Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Put yourself in their shoes

Please try this everyone.  Maybe it will put things in a little better perspective.  Some of you have several pairs of shoes laying around the house.  Various sizes.  Do me a favor and put on a pair of shoes that is 3 sizes too small.  Walk around in them for at least an hour.  If you can last that long.  Seriously, I want you to do this. I want you to feel what these orphans feel if only for an hour.  I wear a size 8 shoe.  I can not even imagine the pain of fitting into a 5.  Yet, that is how some of my children from Russia came home to me.  In shoes that were 3 sizes too small.  This is not a rare thing.  This happens.  They clothe them in whatever they can find.  My boys would wear pink tights.  Cute picture of Max in pink tights.  Not cute for them, I'm sure.  The clothes are well worn. Lucky to find one item without a hole in it. 

Now, after you've attempted to walk around in those shoes for an hour, go to the bathroom.  Yet, you're not allowed to grab for the angelsoft or the charmin.  Nope.  You instead grab for a piece of newspaper.  Can you imagine?!  The things we take for granted just amazes me.  I think nothing of going to the store & buying a huge pack of toilet paper for our bunch.  Yet, the orphanages do not have that luxury.  These by the way, are things I've been told or seen from my own kids & their orphanage experiences.  These things happen daily to the kids over there. 

But with your help, we can change lives.  Give them hope.  When we went to Yana's orphanage, we bought them boilers to have safe & hot water.  The kids were so grateful.  They lined up to thank us.  Remember, Yana was the 8th child adopted out of there in 30 years.  Not too many adopt older kids.  After they said thanks, a 16yo girl stood up to give a little speech.  It was hearwrenching and heartwarming all in one.  She told us thank you and told us that we gave them a great gift.  We said it was no big deal.  But to them it was a big deal.  She told me we gave them hope.  She said you made us realize that people can care for kids like us.  Not a dry eye in the room.  So, if you don't think that your donation can make a monumental difference, you're wrong.  It does indeed.  It can restore hope.  Restore lives.  We are asking out of the millions of people in the world, that just 500 of them contribute ONE time donation of $4.  Or $2.  That's it.  I'm sure you all spent way more than that this past Memorial Day Weekend on soda or chips.  Or decorating for the patio. I'm not saying not to do those things.  I'm just saying one time give $4 to help transform hundreds of lives at two orphanages in Bulgaria.  We are doing what we can here.  Today, we went & listed things for sale.  With those items sold, it now brings our total to $612.  That is still way off the $2000 mark that is necessary to change hundreds of lives.  I can guarantee 100% goes directly to the kids at the orphanages. I can say that b/c we will be the ones purchasing the items just as we did in Stavropol. 

So please, if you can, search the couch, the floor of the car, & the loose change jar & consider making a difference.  Be the change you want to see in the world- Ghandi.  I think it was Ghandi that said that.  You have the opportunity to really make a difference and all it will cost you is the empty calories of 2 bottles of soda.  Aren't these orphans worth 2 bottles of soda?  Absolutely & more!  I can not stress it enough just how important it is for the orphanages we will be visiting this go around.  It is vital.  Plain and simple.  We are asking for less than the cost of a movie ticket.  My kids know this is important.  They have been going through stuff and seeing what they can sell to help.  They have decided to do an ice cream fundraiser this the 100 degree heat mind you.  It is that important.  I think they understand it better than anyone as they have lived this life of an orphan before.  They do not forget.  Max remembers being reprimanded if he dared ask for another piece of bread.  They'd pick him up by the ears.  He'd get no extra bread & had his piece taken away.  Annie said it best "it's a hard knock life for us.  No one cares for you a smidge, when you're in an orphanage."  I want to change that but can't do it alone.  We have paid for most of this adoption on our own.  We are asking for donations now as we just don't have any more to give.  Yet, we're trying to come up w/ more by selling what we no longer need.   I need your help.   Please consider donating to the orphans in Bulgaria.  If not, please help to spread the word.  They desperately need our help.  Thank you for hearing me out. 

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