Sunday, June 19, 2011

Picture post-- Hotel rooms (part II)

Now that I gave you the three hotel days in Sofia, I need to give you the other 3 days.  2 night we stayed in a hotel in Kurdzhali.  Beautiful mountainous region. 

 This was the view to the left of the room.  Not bad.  Bed was pretty comfortable too & for once, we were happy that it was more than 2 inches off the floor.

 This is the view to the right.  You have a couch to sit on and a desk to work at.  Not bad at all.  Plenty of space to move around in.

 This is our entry way into the room.  Great b/c there is a closet there and a little bench. Bench was great to sit & put shoes on.  And, they had slippers to use out of the shower. Nice.  (one time use slippers)

It's a bathroom.  Wahoo!!!  Not too many issues w/ this bathroom.  Shower was okay.  If you are in Bulgaria, I guarantee you will have hot water.  Too hot of water for sure.  Doesn't take much to turn to scolding hot water.

Next, we went back to Scotty's in Sofia.  Then, we drove to Shumen.  Shumen we spent two nights.  I was thrilled to spend two nights in that hotel.  Why?

 This is the bathroom of the hotel we stayed in.  Fantastic!  Nothing wrong w/ this bathroom at all. 

This is part of the room.  

This is the other part of the room.  Nice place.  You can open all the curtains up.  There is a desk & a tv that works.  Nothing on much.  Very comfortable place to be though.  Thoroughly enjoyed dinners at the outdoor bistro downstairs.  The BEST salads ever!  We tried a couple of menu items and enjoyed each one.  Was beautiful sitting outside & sorry I never took a picture of the outside.  Here's a link to the hotel though it's in cryllic.  You can click & see some of the outdoors.  Quaint and romantic feel.  Here's the link:  minaliatvek hotel .  Check it out.  

This place was so relaxing that you thought you were on vacation.  Enjoy every dinner there.  Breakfast we ate outside too.  Just pleasant.  More posts to come.  Now, need to rest.  Bojan & Alex are spending the night at a friend's.  Rest of the kids are here.  Stay tuned for more. 

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