Sunday, June 19, 2011

Picture post-- Hotel rooms (part I)

We had the opportunity to stay in 3 very different hotels in 3 different regions.  First hotel we stayed at was Scotty's Botique in Sofia.  It was small.  Just 16 rooms.  Yet, always full.  Staff was really super nice & always there to help you.  Even carry your bags up.  Sweet staff.  Rooms varied.  We stayed in 3 different rooms.  One each night we were there. I showed you all the Prague room.  I'll show you again in case you don't remember.

 Okay, this was the first night we stayed in Sofia.  Stayed in the Prague room.  This is the entire bathroom.  It's a wet room as you can see.  You learn super fast to remove the toilet paper & anything else you do NOT want getting wet.  Notice the shower hooked to the sink?  Hey, I guess the good news is you can just look in the mirror & see if you got the shampoo out. 

 This is the "chair" in the Prague room.  The back is two pieces of wood nailed to the wall.  This may be the most uncomfortable chair in the world.  Oh, the tv's do not work. 

This is the space in the room.  Yep, about a foot around the beds.  The beds are almost on the floor.  I'd say they're about 2 inches above the floor.  Can't see the wallpaper in this post but it glows in the dark.  Annoying.  & kind of creepy when you wake up. 

Next time we were at Scotty's we stayed in the Paris room.  We liked the Paris room.  And, the bed was comfortable to boot.

 This is part of the Paris room.  Warren is sitting in front of the coffee table working on the computer.  There's even a chaise lounge to hang out on.  

 This is the shower.  Looks decent.  Lighting was horrible but we could live w/ that.  And, there was a separate shower this time.  

I just thought this was cool.  LOL.  Had to take a picture.  No, we did not take advantage of this offer.  

The last night we stayed in Scotty's was the night before we came home.  Warren & I have a new phrase due to the room we stayed in.  If something is uncomfortable, we call it a Havana.  That's the name of the room we stayed in.  Would you like to see the Havana?  Thought something couldn't be smaller than the Prague room?  Think again...

This is the size of the room.  I think it is about 8' X 16'.  The bed is the most uncomfortable thing I've ever been on.  It was agony.  Neither of us slept.  The shower was a whole other story.  It was disgusting b/c the water didn't drain.  Felt like I took a bath in a mud puddle. 

It did come w/ a balcony.  We assume it's b/c there is literally no room to eat in the bed.  When brick buildings become old & fall apart, they seem to stucco over them.  

 If you don't have a basketball board, no big deal.  Draw one w/ chalk. 

 The view from the "balcony."  A burned out building next door. 

Another view of the other buildings next door.  

I'll make a second post on the other two hotels we stayed in in region.  The Scotty's Botique Hotel was in the middle of Sofia.  Reasonable prices.  Stay there again in a heartbeat if I could have the Paris room each time.  But no way to Prague and Havana.  Ouch.  But, we did survive and it's all part of the experience.  Did meet some great folks there passing through.  An older retired couple who had the unfortunate event of getting a room just the size of ours, was taking a tour of the Balkans.  They were loving life!  Fun to talk to as well.  From Arizona.   Next post is on the other hotels we stayed in in region.  For now, need to take the pooches on a walk. Yet, I'm still in my pajamas.  Hmm.  Yes, today was relax & chill out day.  Catch up day. 

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