Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Picture post from Bulgaria (part II)

Okay, time for some more pictures from Bulgaria.

 This is the street the sibs' orphanage is on.  If you look up on that mountain top, that is where the monument is.  It is a ways up there.  You can walk to it from where we are but decided not to that day.  We drove to that monument and parked the car.  Then walked and walked to get there. 

One of the paintings inside the sibs' orphanage.  Always amazes me the beautiful artwork in these places.
They're home...for now.  Looks like just another building.  Look though at that gorgeous blue sky.  We had that the entire time we were in Bulgaria.

A shot from our table.  It was so relaxing to sit with the kids at this table. Isn't it beautiful?

A view from our table as well.  Just felt like you were in a dream.

 R took this shot. 

R also took this shot.  It shows you just how off balance her eyes are.  To her, this is very straight.  She takes her time to even it up in her mind.  We absolutely loved all the outdoor cafes they have there.  No wonder they all take forever to eat.  It's just so dog gone relaxing.  

Another outdoor cafe.  Our kids were taking turns taking pictures of us.  This cafe was in the local park.  The BEST sausages I've ever tasted.  That's saying a lot considering I used to live in Germany.  Our kids are awesome eaters which is nice.  this was taken on our last day with the kids.  

I'll have more Bulgarian pictures once I come home.  For now, closing up the blog for 4 days and headed to Chocolate Town, USA!  Ready to enjoy a long awaited family vacation and some fun.  Hopefully, it goes better than this evening has.  Geez.  My kids have been a nightmare. You'd think they'd never packed a day in their lives.  And Alex had a complete meltdown b/c I made him "pack a nice shirt."  Oh, I'm so mean.  Heaven forbid I ask them to wear something minus the holes and the dirt that seems to be the norm around here.  Oh well.  They'll get over it.  

The tie dye shirts we made were a fail.  Epic fail.  Yana got out the wrong sizes for Alex & Bojan and it looks like an eighties flashback.  It's actually quite funny.  But, no shirts for Saturday.  So, found all red shirts we can wear.  No biggie.  Friday, I said they had to wear navy blue or white shirts.  Now, you'd think the older kids would be able to tell where we are staying or know what to do if lost but they do not.  We've tested this many times over in the past.  Younger kids we actually "tag."  Put name tags on their backs.  With the FAS, memory is a hard thing for them.  None can remember the name of the hotel.  I believe only Irina has Warren's cell phone memorized.  So, finding them is a big deal.  Hence, why we like them in somewhat of the same colors.  The tie dye shirts are more "cool" for the older kids.  And for us for that matter. LOL.  We'll let you all know how the trip went once we come home.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  I know we will.  Meds are finally back in order for them so we should be set.  Alex is still giving me a fit about the cooling vest b/c apparently, it's not fashionable enough for him.  Okay then son, pass out instead.  What's it going to be kiddo?  I gave him the choice of wear it when it's super hot where we are (in the 100'sF this week) or stay inside.  His brillant idea was take a WINTER headband and dip it in water.  No kid.  We got this special vest just for you.  I can tell this one is going to be a battle of wills.  I'm willing and Alex is willing to go to battle over it.  LOL.  should get interesting this summer.  Because of Alex's overheating issues though, I can not let this one slide one bit.  anyhow, need to pack up and make sure everything is ready.  Plan is to leave at 7am but I know us.  We'll be lucky to be out the door at 8:30.  We try.  Thankfully, there is no deadline for us tomorrow and already asked for late arrival.  I'll be back in 4 days and will write then.  We needed a little electronic break from it all.  Disconnecting for a few days will do everyone good.  Much more to come and next post will be about Chocolate Town USA!

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  1. You can actually buy these headbands (Walm*rt), that you get wet and then freeze. He is onto something. You can wear them around your forehead or neck. I'd say go with his idea or take some regular bandanas, wet and freeze for him. The cooling vest IS the best option if you're out in extreme heat for long periods, but the bandana are useful for shorter periods of outside time. Have a Fun, Safe trip! ~ Jo