Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Miscellaneous pictures

I know people like to see how our kids grow and see the things they do here and there.  Well, it's getting to be warm around these the high 90's so water is a staple for play lately. 

 Alyona enjoying one of her firsts swims.  The water wasn't cleared up here yet as we weren't planning on opening the pool that early.  Someone wrote their phone # on Alyona's hand.  Most at school know if they tell her a #, she'll mix up the numbers or forget some.  So, the kids write on her.  I've seen it more than once & hey, it works. 

More of the kids enjoying their first swim. It has been unusually hot here in NC.  Getting so hot, 100's, that we really don't even want to swim.   may be a movie day for sure today.  

 As I've said before, my kids love the outdoors.  Here is Nik attempting a new stunt. Our sidewalk has an incline so he easily rolls all the way down it.

This is not what they do for fun but rather punishment.  Alyona owed me time.  So, she was pulling grass out of the mulch.  Never again will I let my kids help me seed the yard in the spring. 

 Nik enjoying some slip & slide fun before the pool was open.  Alaska enjoying the water herself. 

Nik cheering on one of the "littles" down the slide.  These two play so well together.  They love collecting bugs & could spend hours doing it if you let them.  I think Nik is going to be an excellent big brother.  Though, he'll always be my baby boy. 

Not sure what's w/ the face but took the shot anyway.  Max now carries this case around versus a backpack.  He really likes it.  Warren brought it home one day & Max now carries the briefcase to school.  Hey, whatever works for him.  Some things you just let go in this house.  

Those were just a few pictures.  I have many more on this computer.  I'm getting some things done today but not too much.  Getting ready to make cupcakes in a bit for tomorrow.  Slowly but surely, we'll get there.  It's T-10 days.  I still can not even quite comprehend it.  Seems like just yesterday we went to get Max & Irina.  This time, it's our last adoption.  Still the same butterflies in your stomach.  I am very ready to meet my children.  Hold them, talk to them, get to know them.  Much to do before that moment though so I'd best get to it. Enjoy your week.  More to come tomorrow. 

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