Monday, June 27, 2011

Manic Monday (quick post)

Back from our summer vacation trip to PA.  Previous posts have all the pictures and after this, there will be many more picture posts to come.  SO many pictures and just so much fun, I wanted to share w/ you all. 

Now, today is Monday.  Only had one "extra" kid here today so that was a great break.  Two of the "littles" are on vacation this week in Ohio.  The other two are coming back here in July.  So, nice week to get caught up from the trips and all the house stuff.  Tons going on for sure.  We have no medical appointments so that is really nice.  However, we MUST find Bojan a trumpet. Doing that tonight.  We MUST get Yana a physical to do track. Wanted to do it before we left so that she could go this morning.  Official practices don't start till August anyhow but they are having a few beforehand that I wanted her to do.  We will get it in time for next Monday morning though. 

Just got word I must fill out the DS230 forms ASAP as Bulgaria wants them now.  Do they realize we just got back?  Just kidding.  We'll do anything to get our kiddos home so paperwork tonight it is.  However, they want them typed.  Yes, you read that correctly...typed.  That may get interesting.  Hope we can do it online & print it out.  Find out this evening.

We've taken down part of our fence and are attaching it to the old fence higher up so that the pups hopefully can not jump out.  We'll see if this idea works.  In theory, it should.  HOwever, we have extremely determined puppies.  We're washing the van tomorrow.  It ended up raining today for quite some time so no washing the van.  Pool is also getting cleaned up as it is green now.  That will take about 2 days to clear up.  All laundry should be finished by this evening. 

Going to order my produce tomorrow & most likely pick up Wednesday.  Love the fresh produce every week.  Great having a deal worked out to boot.  More going on but thought a brief update is in order as everyone wants to get back to the pictures I'm sure.  Wordy posts can wait.  It's picture time again!  Next post..more pics.  This was my 4th or 5th post written today.  don't expect a whole lot tomorrow.  LOL.

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