Monday, June 6, 2011

MAJOR changes...

Oh much to say today.  I'll get to the major changes at the end.  We are 5 days out till departure and much has happened in the last few days.  More info we have digested.  More about that further down.  Let's see what's going on.  Medical front first.  I'm on the last couple of days of antibiotics for ear infection & sinus infection which was causing vertigo.  Vertigo now gone & ear feels much better.  Still stuff up but lots of that is allergies.  Wonder if I'll have allergy issues in Bulgaria.  Kids are up to date on everything including stuff they need for next year.  Nik's new processors came today since internal mics were broken on both.  Wahoo!  Praying this is the solution.  Major issue we're having now is Bojan's leg keeps falling off.  Lovely.  Have call in to our prosthetist.  Holes keep forming in the cuff allowing air in & then it slips off.  I told you, he needs to work for testing products.  Other than that, I think everyone should be healthy & medical needs met while we're gone. 

Another thing we have to do before leaving is make sure all meds are in order.  Received 3 scripts today in the mail.  Umm, I sent 5 scripts to them.  2 of those are mine that I MUST have before I leave.  See where I'm going w/ this.  Called Caremark.  My scripts are still sitting there for whatever reason known to man.  MInd you, they were sent in the exact SAME envelope.  So, now I had to pay $23 for overnighting them as snail mail would not have made it here by Saturday.  URGHH!!!  An I'm sorry would have been nice but after my run in w/ the FEDex man earlier today, I wasn't about to try to get an I'm sorry out of these people.  Fedex guy is another story.  He knocks on my door & leaves.  Now, here is what I don't get.  He has two boxes, a processor in each for Nik.  Leaves one on the porch and takes the other one back in the truck. I see him tape the note to the window of our door.  I'm HOME folks!  Van is in the driveway & I know he had to hear the kids & dogs.  I go outside and say thanks & he says he needs a signature.  I assure him dogs are inside & that they are all bark and no bite anyhow.  One of the "littles" starts to open the door & I quickly tell him to shut it as I didn't want the pups to escape.  Fedex man gets angry w/ me & says " that really burns me up!"  You know, at that point, it wasn't worth me making a comment.  I just finished signing, and said good day. 

Next battle would be the insurance company...BCBS.  They are saying that Nik's speech therapy will not be covered any more b/c it has to be b/c he is developmentally delayed.  Umm, he is.  Pretty much ALL orphanage kids are for that matter.  In addition, he's delayed simply due to lack of vocabulary & language.  We'll definitely be fighting this one.  Just didn't want to fight it now but now is as good a time as any I suppose. 

Received an invitation for Irina for Vocational Rehabilitation.  Called them this morning.  They will encourage & help her find a job.  With pay.  Wahoo!!  Getting her started in that program & yes, you can do it if you homeschool too.  This was all actually good news. 

Major issues w/ the schools right now.  My kids can not pass the end of grade testing stuff.  They do have disabilities and it is well noted.  Yet, have to take the stupid tests anyhow.  Big time separate posts on schooling in awhile.  Long story short here is that Max will have to go to summer school.  Fine.  It starts the day we get back from the family reunion.  Now, I informed the school today that if I must sign something, I MUST do it now as I'll be out of the country & out of state for the remainder of the month. I do not know if this guy didn't understand or didn't believe me.  So, that is up in the air for now.  I KNOW I have to at least meet or sign something as we've done this before.  Then, teacher tells me for Alex it is illegal she thinks for me to get my own copy of the psych eval before the meeting.  No,it is not.  Teachers seriously need to read the laws regarding special education.  Anyhow, talked w/ the pychologist today who did the test.  She's known our kids for 12 years now.  It is not illegal for my to get a copy.  HOwever, I must sign it out from Smithfield.  URGHH!!! I am not going there.  This is just ridiculous.  Did get the info I needed over the phone from her though. It confirmed my suspicion.  Alex does need to be homeschooled.  BTW, even this lady noticed the difference in Alex emotionally on this test.  I explained then how CPS really messed him up.  This test was given at the height of a lot of this garbage so he was really not himself.  She completely understood.  More on Alex later.  He's made great strides but still has a ways to go.  I think homeschooling will be best for him.  Again, separate post. 

Alright, the adoption front.  I asked for an itinerary.  I got an expense sheet from the Bulgarians instead.  Now, that is also helpful.  However, the info on it is not.  It has us booked for 3 different hotels/ apartments.  2 nights each.  Can you see where this is a problem if we were originally told we'd be gone 10 days?  For newbies to adoption, these kinds of quirky things can happen all the time and you just have to wait & sort them out.  IF we do only need to be there for that amount of time, we must re-book our flights.  BTW, the hotels are WAY more than budgeted for.  $171 per night in one region, $112 in another region a night.  They seriously do not budget like I do.  LOL.   Transportation costs were reasonable.  In addition to this, they had visa costs for the children listed. Now, I thought that was for trip 2 but maybe I'm wrong.  If it is necessary for this trip, we are short the money.  Not kidding.  Nothing like a little last minute stress.  Finding out if it can be charged on a credit card but I doubt it.  I honestly can't remember.  If anyone knows, please let me know asap!  We have 4 days to come up w/ funds.  Keep in mind, I just sold stuff to help w/ donations and things so nothing left to sell.  Crazy.  Just crazy.  In addition to the schedule that is different, so is one of the regions.  Where we thought Summer was, she is not.  Surprise.  Not sure which set of children we're seeing first.  I really want to know.   Agency is working on finding out more details.  If any of you out there ever went to two regions, can you please confirm w/me how many nights you stayed.  Would be wonderful.  Got to go.  Much, much more has happened here.  I can't even write it all.  All I can say is when you have so much happening all at once, coming at you in every direction, you stop, do one thing at a time, and do try to laugh a lot.  Right now, Irina is making dinner, Asian Stir Fry.  She hates it btw.  Kids are getting out of the pool & I'm going in it to do some laps.  Stress reliever.  Coming back in, we're all going to enjoy dinner together, kids will get ready for school tomorrow & Warren & I will take a walk.  Then, after some deep breathing(kidding), we'll tackle the next set of events we need to conquer.  Lots of conquering to do for sure.  POA's, lists, etc.  Registering w/ embassy, you know, the usual stuff when you do one of these trips.  Got to go.  Puppies escaped.  URGHH!!!  I think picture posts need to be next.  They are way more fun. 

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