Thursday, June 30, 2011

Locals-- looking for some markers, coloring books, etc.

whatever you can think of or spare!  Let me get to the point.  We gave each of our kids' orphanages in Bulgaria $600 worth of items.  Summer's orphanage used it for desks, shoes, and food for the kids.  While there, they dumped out broken pieces of toys for us to play w/ Summer with.  Puzzles missing pieces, broken toys every which way, and markers so out of ink it was like coloring w/ invisible ink.  This was the ONLY pack of markers they had that I could tell.  That garbage bag full of broken toys seemed to be one that was passed from room to room.  So, I thought this next trip I could take one suitcase full of fun donations.  Add a little fun into the kids' lives there.  What I'm looking for from locals are these specific items:  coloring books, markers, crayons, puzzles, flat shovels, etc.  Maybe some blow up balls. I need lightweight items.  I also need items that you think younger kids would like.  No liquids of any sort please.  I will collect for the next two months.  I know w/ back to school sales starting soon, many markers & crayons would be .10 to .25 a pack.  Easy to spare a quarter, I'm sure.  Not trying to sound sarcastic but if you could just imagine the look on these kids' faces. It is priceless and means so, so much to them. 

Now, the older kids' home is in just as much dire need of donations for play items.  Blow up summer items, frisbees, hacky sacks, airplanes, etc.  Any outdoor items that are lightweight or easy to pack.  Our coordinator said even coloring books would be awesome.  Oh, a request from the girls on behalf of Reni.  They would love some hair items.  Little headband, bows, and the like.  Her face was just smiling ear to ear when I gave her lipsmackers lipgloss.  HUGE hit w/ the girls.  So was the eyeshadow.  They have kids there from ages 7 to 18.  So, you know makeup for girls is a big deal and something I'm sure is a rarity obtained over there.  Anything you can do to help out would be greatly appreciated.  It really would.

I'm collecting items for about 2 months.  If you'd like to donate any amount, that would be wonderful too as I'll take it and purchase items with it.  our plan is to take two suitcases full of "fun" donations this go around.  I truly think they'd enjoy it.  I know they all did w/ just the few things I brought for them last time.  BTW, my kids immediately shared w/ all the others.  the kids there are excellent at sharing. 

Thanks so much for making this happen.  I'll be able to take pictures this trip and show pictures this trip as well.  It will be after court so a-okay.  Thanks and help spread the word when you get a chance. 

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