Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In Sofia!-- DAY 1

Well, we finally made it.  Safe and sound at Scotty's.  Yes, we are staying here tonight and not sure if we're staying in region tomorrow or here.  For those traveling to Bulgaria, it is much, much different than the Russian programs we've done all these previous years for sure.  This may all sound choppy b/c we are w/out sleep.  Exhausted for sure. 

Anyhow, we were met at the airport by our driver and another family adopting.  They are adopting from a region up north.  They are from Italy and this is their first child.  Hey, maybe they'll end up like us.  You could see the sheer joy & excitement whenever she talked.  Though we've been excited for each & everyone of our adoptions, it still is different than the very first time you ever take that plunge.  Facing total unknowns since you've never ever done it before.  I digress.  Sleep deprivation.  Headed to the hotel.  The room is shall we say quaint.  No, let's just say it's small...VERY small.  2 twin beds take up the room.  Warren said it's sad when suitcases dominate the room.  LOL.  For those wondering, we didn't get the zebra room.  And we were going to take a picture of Trip(our travelocity gnome) in the room but Trip didn't make the voyage across the Atlantic.

okay, I started this and the stupid laptop erased it all.  URGHH!!!  Let's see what I can remember about our first room at Scotty's.  Small.  Funky smell but not sure what exactly.  A bathroom.  Yes.  Little toiletries included.  Even condoms  named Sure.  If you shower, it is all in the same room.  Nothing like taking a shower over the toilet.  OH, you must remember to take the toilet paper out when you shower for obvious reasons.  When you go to bed, no need to have a nightlight b/c the wallpaper glows in the dark.  Enough about Scotty's though.  Anxious about meeting Summer.  We retired for the evening but neither of us could sleep.  Oh before that we went for a walk around the corner and got some pizza and a soda. Hit the spot for sure.  PIcked up bananas for breakfast.  And water of course.  The pizza was HUGE.  I'll write more posts.  I'm trying to remember it all.  We had no internet in the next region so couldn't type.  MUCH more to come!  Writing 2 or 3 other posts tonight.  This one was short and sweet. 

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