Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I don't....

have it all together.  I hear "how do you do it?"  or "you are so organized."  I'm here to set the truth straight.  I do not, do not have it together all the time.  I don't always check my kids' clothes to see what they are wearing to school. It wasn't till last night that we discovered Nik had his shirt on inside out.  Whether he wore it to school that way or put it on that way after the pool, we'll never know.  Yesterday I forgot it was Alex's field day.  Remembered it was Alyona & Bojan's b/c they gave me their folders & notes.  Alex did not.  I truly wish the more important papers teachers would call me on as Alex does have FAS.  Remembering stuff is not his strong point.  Some of you may remember that Alex has temperature regulating issues.  Whether it's due to his one kidney or not, I have no idea.  Neuro said some kids just have temp regulating issues. He's one of them.  I was w/ Alyona's class & passed Alex in the hall.  I stopped him and gave him my gatorade & asked how he was doing. He looked awful.  He should have been pulled off that field a long time ago.  They did try to keep him wet but at over 100 temps, it just was not effective for him.  Though, thankfully he did not pass out.  His cooling vest can't come fast enough.  Anyhow, I should have known it was his field day.  Just another bit that shows you I don't have it all together. 

I don't have everything done for my trip yet.  I have about 10 things left on that list of 75.  I don't have the house cleaned up.  I want to be one of those people that actually gets stuff done on time, all the time.  Just not me.  Shoot, I have a computer full of pictures & boxes full of pictures yet to go in an album.  Don't even get me started about the whole baby album scrapbook stuff that was started.  I don't have the ability to keep things as organized as I'd like them to be.  Even frustrates me.  I don't have half the stuff done that I need to get done.  I've come to the conclusion I'm human.  Also, come to the conclusion that the blogs where everyone seems to have it altogether all of the time are fiction.  They are stories.  They can't be real.  either that or they are super women.  Me, I'm not one of them.  I try to get stuff done.  I try to have it all together but honestly, that's just not true. 

Another example.  Teacher just called me.  "Ms. Boyd, you signed up for cupcakes."  Yes, yes I did.  Well, another kid is bringing cupcakes.  Oh, so you don't need them tomorrow?  "Yes, we do.  You're making cupcakes tomorrow."  The red, white & blue ones, right?  "No, Ms. Boyd, that's our end of the year party.  Ahh, things are finally starting to click for me.  There are TWO parties.  Long story short, no idea there were two parties.   Making cupcakes tonight for tomorrow's party (graduation), and then bringing strawberries for end of the year party next week.  Already forgot the day.  Yes, this could get interesting if these people plan to rely on me for anything over the next week.  LOL.   I do know tomorrow is Bojan's graduation.  HOwever, I thought he had to be there at 6pm.  My neighbor told me, no, they need to be there at 5:30pm.  Okay then.  More info.  See, not that I'm blaming them, but my children are nowhere near helpful in getting much needed information to me.  And, the only thing I ever saw from Bojan on graduation said 6:00. 

So, for those who think I have it together, you're wrong.  I am not together.  Working on it but not nearly there yet.  I'm a parent like most everyone else out there.  Sometimes I forget to leave the meat out to thaw & we end up having hot dogs for dinner instead.  Sometimes, I forget to remind the boys to bring down the laundry & realize days later they've been rummaging through the dirty clothes.  Sometimes I forget what day it is and that Alex had running club after school.  (though in my defense the "littles" get picked up at 5pm and I'm supposed to pick him up at 5 too).  Sometimes I forget to send in the scripts early so that the meds don't run out.  Sometimes I have to make up stories of why the tooth fairy mouse(don't ask) didn't come for the fourth day in a row.  So again, if you think I have it all together, think again.  I am human, I make mistakes, try to learn and move on.  Just wanted to clear up any ideas that anyone had that thought I had it all together.  Pictures in the next post.  This one was way too boring. 

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