Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Alyona!!!

I know I said no more posts but how could I not do this one?!  Our girlie girl is 12 years old today.  Can you believe it?!  I for one can not. 

This is our now 12 year old little girl. Yes, we still consider her little. 
she is nowhere near the size of a normal 12 yo and may never be that size.  No one knows.  We do know that she loves life.  Well, except when she's in trouble.  Alyona has a personality all her own.  She is truly a little girl at heart.  See, Alyona is mentally about 4 years old.  And, since that is where she is, that is how we treat her.  Works out well.  Shoot, no need to rush things, she'll be grown up soon enough.  We had cake today after dinner for her.  12 candles on top.  I know most 12yo's are wanting ipod's or cell phones or some type of video game.  Our daughter's wish?  A baby doll.  So, after the cake, she opened her presents from us.  Her face was sheer delight as she tore open the package.  In it?  A big baby doll just for her.  You'd thought she'd hit the lottery when she opened the second one & found yet another baby doll.  Then, the baby doll swing came in.  Her smiles could not get any bigger.  She went straight upstairs to her room to play.  

I know Alyona is different then her peers.  Doesn't understand a whole lot.  Can't really read.  However, I would not for one moment have her any other way.  She can do so, so much.  She can learn.  She can make friends.  She can play.  She can ride a bike (at one point, this was thought impossible for her).  She can give and receive love.  She can make those around her smile.  I could go on forever at the things she can do.  Alyona has come so far these past few years.  It is amazing. So, her turning 12 today is yet another celebration for her.  Her party will be in two weeks along w/ Alex's.  She couldn't wait to open her presents so we let her.  Happy Birthday Alyona!  We love you! 

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