Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hammocks, hostas & hydrangeas

Enough of that adoption stuff.  We need a break.  Seriously, I need a break. I'm feeling totally overwhelmed.  And now w/ Warren not being able to help as much, I'm really feeling it.  Still swimming laps which helps & stress has helped me to shed a few pounds but in the long run, I just want to relax.  Ahh, after the adoption trip.  No, wait!  That's the next trip to PA.  Ahh, after that.  No, wait!  That's the 4th of July & Alex & Alyona's birthday stuff.  I think after July 9th, I may catch a small window of a break.  LOL.  I shouldn't ever complain.  I have a good life.  A busy life is a good life for me.  I get to do stuff with the kids, go places, enjoy things, etc.  Yes, I better shut up now.  Good life.  As I write this my boys are arguing in the background.  Go figure.

 This is one of our two hammocks. A favorite spot of many of us in this family.  Little messy right now but we don't care.  When you're laying in it, it feels like you're suspended in the trees.  Especially, when you look up.

One of the views from the hammock.  A garden full of hostas.  These are just starting out so that's why they're so small.  

 Close up of one of our newer hostas.  Love the bright green for sure.

This is one of the varigated hostas we transplanted last  year.  We cut the ones up at the front of our house off.  Then, plant them elsewhere in the yard.  Takes about a year & they get back to normal shape & grow.  Hey, it's free & I don't think it looks half bad.  

 This is one of the lacecap varieties of hydrangeas we have.  Purplish flowers.

 Another one of the lacecaps right beside it.  They do last in vases. 

Another variety of hydrangeas.  We love this one b/c the flowers are just so bright.  I'll give you a close up view below.

I forgot what this particular variety is called.  I just call it pretty.  

 We love having fresh flowers all the time.  This is from one of our shrubs w/ the mophead varieties.  LOVE that kind.  So big!

 We have bluish flowers of mophead variety. 

We also have pink ones and purple ones.  Just love the look of them for sure.  Must go.  9:30, still no swimming laps done.  Got to get it done.  Enjoy your evening.

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