Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Getting ready to go!

I know we just got back but you can never plan when you do your adoption trips.  Before we even got word, we had planned on a trip to PA for a family reunion this coming weekend.   Though we just got back, we are getting ready to leave again.  Kids are starting to pack their back packs.  Food has been bought (cheaper than eating at restauarants), tie dye shirts made, and kids very ready to go.  Where are we going you ask???  Well, we are going to Bloomsburg, PA to stay at this hotel .  Originally, we were going to stay at some cool campgrounds.  Well, apparently, this is a busy weekend.  There were NO campgrounds available and we couldn't afford the regular hotels right now.  So, found this inn which I am told from others is actually really nice and clean and convenient.  And, prices were the same as we were going to spend at the campgrounds.  Of course, we're only sleeping there so no biggie.  Arrive tomorrow late afternoon sometime.  Plan on eating lunch at a rest area and dinner in the rooms.  We've made the food already. 

On Friday, we wake up and drive to Hershey, PA.  Aka...Chocolate Town!!!  We will eat our way through the town. We will be doing the  Chocolate World Tour.  We will also take in the 3-D show.  After that, we were originally going to do the trolley tour around town.  However, we do believe the Chocolate Museum and Chocolate Lab would be a better fit for our family and so much more fun.  I personally can not wait to make my own candy bar.  Yum.  The info is here:  Chocolate Museum.  This is  a very full day for the kids and for us.  But, after climbing that mountain, we sure can travel around chocolate town w/ out a problem.  This is one place I can be sure we will NOT miss the souvenir shops.  LOL.  We will also be going out to lunch somewhere in Chocolate Town.  Not sure where yet.  We can only afford to go out to eat once while on vacation so need to pick some place cool.  And chocolatey of course.  We will then drive back to Bloomsburg to stay the night.

Wake up early Saturday, breakfast in our rooms.  Then, head to Knoebels.  It is an amusement park.  My parents are treating us for the family reunion.  They are graciously buying all our tickets for the park and rides.  In addition, they are having the lunch and dinner catered at the park for us all.  So, Saturday will be filled with many rides and playing, enjoying food and visiting with family since it is a family reunion.  We haven't seen some of these relatives for years and many have not met all my children yet.  Should be fun.  Come back from a day of fun and exhaustion.  Go to bed.  Wake up Sunday and head home.  Kids are beyond thrilled to be going.  It is not that often we get to go somewhere like this.  It is the first time for 5 of my kids to ever experience an amusement park.  Makes it that much more special I feel.  I'm sure they'll be plenty of time to share about the new kids coming home as well.  I know my kids will because they can hardly stand keeping quiet about their new sibs. 

We're ready to go.  I'll have another picture post later tonight from Bulgaria.  However, starting tomorrow, we're taking a little blog break.  We really want to spend quality time with the kids and with each other.  Just family, just fun.  No computers, no phones, no video games, no electronics.  Okay, so the camera is coming.  But, we really need this electronic break.  I will be back on here on Sunday telling you about the trip.  I'm sure I'll have pictures to share as well.  Have a wonderful weekend and talk to you all on Sunday.  Can't wait to share the Boyd Bunch adventures in Hershey & at Knoebels. 

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