Sunday, June 5, 2011

Flowers in bloom

Well, it is spring around here still though w/ summer temps.  Though I have not had the time to tend to the yard & flowers like normal, we still have had a few in bloom.  Thought I'd take a moment to share them. 

 I know the grass needed cutting in these pics but thought I'd share anyhow.  These are petunias by the mailbox.  I buy the trailing petunias(on clearance of course) & also the seeds for fill in.  Most everything I buy at Lowes for about .99.  Clearance rack.  It's great. 

This is some of the trees I got from the 1 cent catalog deal that you get in the mail.  They actually grow!  granted, they pretty much come as sticks but as long as you don't mow them over, they'll flourish. They are tree rose of sharon & get beautiful pink blooms on them later in the season.  

 More petunias.  These are in a container.  And yes, they too started out as dead looking.  So many now that you can't even see the container.  Just water & some dead-heading & they're good to go.

 Needed a little splash of color w/ some hanging baskets.  Notice the green starting to grow by the bricks?  Those are the starts of impatients.  This whole area will be filled w/ flowers in a few weeks.  Beautiful.  And, doesn't cost me a cent.  They go to seed every year & just spread. 

A small hydrangea that I got at a grocery store of all places last year.  It is starting to really spread this year & by next year should have considerable size on it.  Love the pink blooms on these.

 A view of my hostas in the front of the house.  They are starting to bloom as well.  Just adds a variety of color & flair.  Lots of different angles and such.  Hey, & for once these hostas don't have a bike laying in them. 

May not look like much but this is a bucket of FREE day lillies I got from my neighbor who was weeding out her garden.  I have more of these too.  Since they multiply, it works great in a garden.  Daylilies are very hardy.  And, hard to kill.  Just adds more color to the house & I'm one of these people who thinks you can never have too much color around your house.  

More to come on some flowers.  I've been so busy lately.  But, slowly getting things done.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  We took 10 kids to church today.  Guess it's practice for us.  Came home & cleaned house.  Girls & their friends washed all three dogs.  They are now covered in mud...again.  URGHH!!!  Dogs ate 2 sticks of butter this morning & now Kota has a very upset stomach.  Lovely.  Took girls to youth group while we went to Sam's to stock up.  Been working on stuff ever since.  Needed a blog break.  Break's over so back to work.  Have a great evening.

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  1. Hi! That Hydrangea is going to get huge, you may want to move it to another spot. Cutting it back won't be a good option, as they bloom on old wood.