Monday, June 20, 2011

DAY 7 & DAY 8-- flying home

Goodness, I'm more tired coming back than I thought I'd be.  Time to finish up this trip blog.  DAY 7 was Saturday.  We woke up and had breakfast in the room.  A croissant & banana.  Packed up & went downstairs to wait for our ride.  Thought it was to be 9:45.  Well, in the midst of all our tiredness the previous day, either we misunderstood the time or got the wrong time.  Either way, called & it was supposed to be 10:45.  Lugged the luggage back up & went for a walk around the market.  Got picked up & on our way.  One pit stop to pick up another gentleman.  Turns out this gentleman was the representative of Bulgarian adoption program from Sweden.  He's been doing it for years.  I think he said since '93?  We seemed to hit it off.  So, off to the airport. 

Arrived at airport, driver walked us in.  We knew this was his "free" day & the gentleman and us were having such great conversation, we all assured him it would be perfectly fine to leave.  The line to the ticket counter was forever & no sense in making him stay when he really doesn't need to.  Said our goodbyes.  Waited for quite some time & then off to security so we could all go to our gates.  Both our flights were leaving about the same time and just a gate down from each other.  We shopped around and then sat & had a drink.  We ended up discussing in depth all aspects of adoption.  It was a very open,forthright conversation.  Rare opportunity between two countries.  Everything was up for discussion.  We had an awesome, awesome time and our time was much too short.  Each of us walked away learning more.  The people put in our path this entire trip have really amazed and inspired me. 

Our flight was delayed.  Sat down & got to over hear (okay, the man was making sure plenty heard) some business man kick his girlfriend out ....over the phone.  Yeh, really classy buddy.  Took a dramamine and onto the flight it was.  I was hoping to sleep some.  Not much.  Was informed on the plane that Frankfurt got a brand new control tower and was still learning how to use it.  Yeh, that sounds comforting to passengers.  LOL.  Had plenty of time.  I was picked for the random check.  Guess it was my tourist t-shirt.  Since I never knew I'd be hiking a mountain or walking all over bulgaria, I ran out of shirts & ended up buying an over priced tourist t-shirt.  They're nice about it all but serious.  We got a pretzel while in Germany & went over to the restrooms.  Saw this person looked perplexed.  Looked like a gentleman to me.  Now, I wonder b/c he/she went into the woman's bathroom!  I just couldn't understand how much thought the person put into what bathroom they had to use.  And no, they were not written in Deutsch or English.  It was a picture of a woman and man.  Can't miss the distinction there.  Just was odd.  Warren's computer beeped for some reason so was also inspected.  Off to the plane.  Seats seemed smaller and can't figure that one out really.  Uneventful flight.  Couldn't sleep much.  Landed in Chicago.  I filled out the declarations page wrong.  You'd think after doing this so many times I'd have it down pat.  Apparently you list every country you've been to even if you only were at the airport terminal.  So I guess I can say I visited Germany this go around.  All of terminal one.  We reclaimed our bags and sent them on their way yet again for one last leg of the journey. 

Stopped off at Mickey D's.  Since we usually don't eat this, I knew it was a chance.  However, I was rather hungry.  Mistake.  Later in the flight I felt sick as a dog.  Didn't help that the flight had tons of turbulence.  Got to love it.  All luggage retrieved and off to get home.  Kids were all asleep in the living room floor.  Only the dogs and IRina woke up.  Alaska was VERY happy to see me.  Digby couldn't stop howling.  Nice welcome home for sure. 

 Hard to see or read but they wrote I miss you upstairs.  The papers all hung up are each of their handprints w/a message on it.  Cute, very cute. 

 Another view of all the handprints. 

this was the message on the front door when we walked in.  Nice.  All in all, a great welcome home and then it was off to bed for a few short hours.  Too short.  We lounged around most of Sunday & did laundry.  

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