Friday, June 17, 2011

DAY 6-- bittersweet

Woke up this morning to our last day in Shumen.  Stayed at a wonderful hotel.  Very quaint and romantic.  Not far from the orphanage.  Had breakfast and off to the orphanage to get the kids.  We were going sight seeing again.  Yes, you guessed it...another mountain to climb.  This time though, we got to drive.  Walked quite a ways and up a bit but nothing like yesterday.  Kids are just super.  Can't express that enough.  I don't even care if the one doc is w/ us.  I treat them like they're already mine.  Actually doc nodded in agreement when I told Logan to pick up the gum wrapper he just threw on the ground.  Doc just smiled like you got in trouble kiddo.  Mom knows what she's doing.  Kids are brother and sister through and through.  Very close.  And, Logan will give Reni a hard time from time to time.  Little stuff like mine do at home.  Nothing big and all totally normal.  R's eyes are bad.  We are praying we can get her home quickly.  If you leave her w/out glasses for too long, the eye will no longer be able to be used.  Happened w/ Alyona.  First stop is a opthalmologist for sure.  Second stop, cosmetic surgeon.  Think she still may have rock stuck in that scar on her nose.  From where the other kid hit her w/ a stone over and over again in the face.  Saw the kid who did it today on the video they showed us.  They showed us videos of R when she was younger.  Awesome. 

After our mini hike, we went back to the orphanage to pick up the director.  Going to get the director.  Picked him up and off to the store to purchase items w/ the donation money we gave.  You gave.  Got a better exchange rate so able to get a video camera, digital camera, web cam (tell you why later!), miscellaneous for the camera.  After that, went to the toy store b/c had money left over.  Bought volleyball, soccerball, and a bunch of swimming floating stuff as they go to the coast during the summer.  Director was thrilled b/c they take the children but never have stuff to play with.  After that, we went to pick up the visa pictures.  Then, off to the park for lunch.  Ate at another outdoor cafe for the kids.  Boy, can Reni pack it down!  Both are great eaters.  Oh and if coming to Bulgaria, you MUST try this sausage they have here.  best ever.  Now, the most amazing thing was when I pulled out something Bojan had given us.  Logan actually started reading English!  The kid can read English.   He's blown us away with all the stuff he knows already.  While exchanging money, the kids and I waited in the car.  We were going back and forth reading Russian and Bulgarian and teaching each other words.  Truly, these two simply have blown us away but their personalities, their charm, their knowledge, just everything. 

After lunch, we headed back to the orphanage.  R was getting upset so I knew she knew we had to go.  It was written all over her face.  She didn't want to let go of Warren or I on the walk back.  Got back and were waiting for a document.  Got to say goodbye to some of the other kids.  Great to see them again.  Social worker from the courts came in.  She said she has no questions for us b/c you can see it in our faces that we love the kids and vice versa.  Glad to hear.  Yes, Logan will be giving consent to be adopted.  Has to since he is 10.  R came over and started hugging us and wanted to cry.  She was starting to but we all stopped her.  Logan was holding on for dear life and wasn't about to let go.  It was torture.  Oh, before this, we got to see a video of the kids.  See, that was why they wanted a video camera shoot v\ideos of the kids.  The webcam is for us to skype the kids with.  cAn't wait.  And, the director took our camera chip, copied it tothe computer so that the kids will have pics from our time here to look at.  Very sweet of him to do that.  Told you, he's all about what's best for the kids. 

Went outside.  It was heartwrenching and very hard to do.  We had a real connection with these two and thoroughly enjoyed our time there.  Time to return can not come soon enough.  Went back to the hotel and got our luggage.  Then, in the car for our 6 hour drive back to Sofia.  However, had to stop by another orphanage for some business first.  This was for another family but we got to tag along.  It was great to watch the kids play.  This was a younger children's home.  They were all outside.  Ran up to us and started talking away. Didn't take them long to figure out we can't speak Bulgarian.  Still high 5's and caio's are all it takes to get a smile.  Made me realize that we were definitely doing the right thing.  Adopting these 3 kids.  It may be hard, it may be expensive, but it's right.  I know we're done but still doesn't stop me from advocating for the ones left behind. 

AFter finding lost keys, off to Sofia.  Seemed to take forever and traffic did not help us any.  All of us were exhausted.  Been a packed trip this week for sure.  Arrived back at Scotty's late and got even a smaller room than our first time here.  Went to the local market b/c I was in dire need of some nail clippers.  Geez, the things we forget to pack.  Came back and started writing.  Nothing major.  Tomorrow, we tie up loose ends and depart for America.  Next post will be from America I'm guessing.  I still can't believe we were here.  Feels like a dream.  I can't believe the 3 kids we met were always ours.  It's been a long, hard road to get to where we are.  I will tell the whole story once kids are home for sure.  We've had an agency stick with us through thick and thin.  REally believed in us.  I'll write something about them when I get home as they deserve the credit.  We are bringing home three kids that essentially no one wanted.  Not a one person.  Medicals were beyond horrifying.  Not going to lie about that one.  We were scared.  We jumped in feet first without looking.  Could it have all gone wrong?  Absolutely.  Did it?  No.  Sometimes, you must take that leap of faith.  I don't think any of you will believe what was on our medicals once I reveal it all.  These children are such a far cry from the ones on there.  I'm glad I didn't dwell on the piece of paper in front of me.  I'm glad I looked at the child and who they were.  Not what was said about them.  We have gotten to know 3 wonderful children this week who more than fit in our family.  I will have more pictures once back.  As I said, this computer sucks that we're using.  Just had to share today's experience.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in Bulgaria and meeting our children.  Though the next time taking them home is awhole different ball game.  And you have no idea what I even mean by that statement.  LOL.  We have a logistical issue of where the kids are located and crossing a mountain that we may not be able to cross.  We have the issue of room in a car.  We have the issue of where we're going to stay as we know we'll have one "screamer/ cryer."  We wnat to pick up the older kids first so that we may ease Summer.  These are all things that will get worked out and more.  For now, we can look at some wonderful pictures and time spent together.  The way they laugh, the way Logan always smiles, the way R is afraid of heights, and every other little thing in between.  I can honestly not wait to share them with you.  I seriously can not believe no one considered these children.  It's all abotu timing and I guess timing was perfect for us.  We may not have had our life together at the time, may not have had the financial means to do this at the time, may not have been the best thing at the time, but look at where we are now.  It turned out to be the perfect time not just for us, but for our kids at home, our kids here.  I'm coming off cloud 9 because I have to.  I miss them terribly and we've only been gone a few hours.  Going home is bittersweet.  We're going home to our kids but without our kids at the same time.  Please Mr. Immigration Man, approve us at lightening speed so we can bring our kids home! 

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