Thursday, June 16, 2011

DAY 5-- pictures...finally

I know you're all dying to see the kids but honestly, I can not show those until after court.  Shoot, I wasn't even really allowed to take pictures of Summer or her orphanage.  For future adoptive parents, you must realize this rule is all orphanage specific.  Some orphanages we've been to have gladly let us take any pictures we wanted to.  Some, will not allow any.  This trip, one region allowed us, one did not.  Just the way it goes.  I will definitely show pics of the kids the day we have court.  You better believe it.  For now though,  I do have some cool pics to show. Or, not so cool.  It's been hotter than you know what here.  Those coming, do NOT dress fancy.  You'll regret it.  I've worn shorts the whole time as has Warren.  I wore pants the first day to visit Summer & really regretted it.  I wanted to look official but nothing looking official if sweat is pouring down your back and face.  Shorts the rest of this time.  Shoot, our son took his shirt off today it was so hot.  Anyhow, thought I'd share a few pics and go from there. 

Tip #1.  If going on an adoption trip, don't forget to take out the money from your last adoption trip.  Anyone up for some rubles??  Not where we're going. 

Bojan wrote us a letter.  I wish his teachers would have listened when  I said the kid can't spell.  URGHH!!!  Look at how he spelled plane.  Going to work on him w/ spelling this summer for sure.  Remember, he's going into 6th grade...middle school.  Smart as can be except for spelling.  He can do it though so not giving up.

Wasn't this sweet?!  Great to pull out of the envelope.  Sorry, opened it at the airport not on the plane but think that was okay w/ Bojan. 

And then we arrived at Scotty's Botique.  We checked it out including the toiletries above.  The blue pack in the back are the condoms.  Hmm. 

This is the total size of the Praque room at Scotty's.  Warren said it's said when the suitcases dominate the room.  You may not be able to see it in this pic but the beds are on the floor w/ a very low frame.  The wallpaper to the left has a neat trick... it glows in the dark! 

Okay, this upload is WAY too slow & fustrating.  Pics will have to wait till we get back.  Many pics to be uploaded on Sunday.  Just can't take it here anymore fussing w/ these things on here.  Posts take forever to write too b/c of this computer.  More tomorrow night.  It will be DAY 6-- last day w/ the kids and back to Sofia.  Can hardly believe tomorrow at this time we'll be thinking of heading home.  Hard to be parents in two places at once.  Kids on both sides of theocean for awhile.  More to come tomorrow evening. Our last night in Sofia!  For a few months anyways. 

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