Thursday, June 16, 2011

DAY 5-- issues arise back home

You know, doing this journey can not be all roses, right?  Now, we have a very capable and great woman watching our kids back home.  Want to preface with that.  That being said, there are still things that can happen that she has no control over or would never have known unless she knew the kids her entire life.  You all do remember 6 out of my 7 are FAS and all seven are special needs, right?  Makes for a bit of a challenge for anyone coming in.  She has handled all issues like a pro.  The other day, Alex and Alyona got stung.  Now, they can turn any bite into a massive wound by day's end.  However, Alex's thumb got twice the size and she decided to take him to the doc.  We gave the okay.  Email is a great communication tool.  Anyhow, I did remember telling her dimetapp will make him comatose as will benedryl.  Our neuro said it is just the way his meds interact.  Now, certain things we know Alex can and can not take.  I did think our doc knew exactly what to put Alex on.  Umm, no.  I'm not sure what happened but they prescribed Alex an antibiotic and predisone.  Okay, predisone makes Alex downright evil.  I do not say that lightly.  It is NOT the same kid.  Max said Alex is a nightmare mom.  And, whatever we do, we can't stop the drug once started.  Not even when he's this bad.  He's awful.  I feel awful b/c I've been through this w/ Alex. Hence, why he's NOT supposed to be prescribed predisone!  To make matters worse, he can't go outside on this stuff.  He does, it messes even mroe w/ his adrenal issues.  The whole thing is a mess and now this poor lady is stuck w/ a kid that is just a tad shy of crazy.  It is not Alex's fault.  Not the sitter's fault.  It happened and I'm sure doc just forgot about Alex's reaction chemically to the predisone.  Today he has 3 pills, tomorrow 2 and Saturday 1.  I don't know what to do from here.  Unfortunately, you have to wait it out which sucks.  The kids all told me Alex is a mess so I know it's all true. 

Another issue at home is the dogs.  Apparently, my children have not been doing what they were told and not walking the dogs.  This has caused Alaska to poop in IRina's room and Kota to want to bite at stuff.  Our dogs are Austrailian Shepard mixes.  they are used to getting LOTS of exercise and running.  They are not getting that and feeling pent up.  Again, this one I blame solely on my kids b/c I told them BEFORE we left their duties and what would happen if the dogs were not given enough exercise time.  Frustrated from here for sure. 

I can not reiterate enough how well our sitter Rebecca has handled issues & the kids that should have never arisen in the first place.  She has told me not to worry but hard as I'm the parent and can't help.  Alyona misses us as  does Nik.  Those two had not been through this process before.  All the kids have asked when we are coming home so I think the mising us part is setting in more.  I did something last night that normally I would not have done.  But, given all that is going on, I went ahead and told them if they behave the rest of the week and help out, we'd stay an extra day on vacation when we get back.  I usually never bribe my kids but again, only so much we can do from here.  Boys are being loud and rowdy.  I know my kids and the chaos they can create.  Trust me, I do.  That's why it's so hard to decide to take these trips. 

Rebecca, our sitter, has been beyond excellent.  All the  things that seem to be happening are coming from external forces that she has no control over.  I mean really,what are the odds of 3 of my kids getting stung the same week.  That's how they discovered the hornets' nests under the pool edge.  Taken care of now but still, that chain of events has created more chain of events.  I feel bad for the sitter.  She is SO good w/ the kids and the odd issues(not just the ones listed above!)  that have arisen.  I tell you, I don't think many others could have done what she did this past week.  I owe her big.  Today is Thursday here.  We leave tomorrow from this region.  After everything that has gone on, I know it's time we venture home soon.  I just heard today that htings are settling down at Chaos Manor.  She's even taking them to the movies today.  Told you, she's amazing.  Oh, I may have forgotten to mention she is not just watching my kids but one of her own and one of the other boys I watch during the summer.  Yes, she may be certifiably crazy!  LOL.  We have thoroughly appreciated her patience throughout the week.  Got to go.  Next post is DAY 5-- climbing the mountain.  You won't believe all we did today.  Just thought I'd share that there are issues at home but htey are being worked out.  When you leave your kids w/ someone, definitely make sure they're capable.  I highly doubt anyone else could have accomplished what Rebecca did this week. 

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