Thursday, June 16, 2011

DAY 5-- climbing the mountain

My so much to say yet again.  Geez, this is a lot today.  Can I just say "I'm lovin' it!"  Still haven't come off cloud 9.  Let's start out w/ a recap of our day.  We woke up after having slept.  Always a good thing.  Went down to breakfast and then met up w/ translator to go to the orphanage at 10am.  Got the kids and went to Madara.  It's an ancient site.  Did I mention it was hot today?  We climb the mountain.  Now, when I say mountain, I am not talking some little mountian.  Honest to God had I known exactly what we were going to do today, I would have suggested something else.  We climbed the mountain for a few hours.  Yes, you read that correctly...hours.  It was gorgeous but SO hot and we ran out of water.  Again, had I known, we would have bought the water before climbing the mountain.  Now, if some of you haven't figured it out by now, I'm terrified of heights.  Hence the dramamine on the plane ride here.  But, I conquered that fear & climbed the entire mountain!  Holding on for dear life.  Apparently, our daughter R is not too stable w/ the height thing either.  She & I are NOT roller coaster people.  Logan, could careless how high he is.  Beautiful views though.  Picture perfect for sure.  Saw caves, a fortress, etc.  Learned a lot about this ancient city.  And my kids on the way up.  Logan has no fear.  R is a chicken like me.  How the Bulgarians dress in layers in Summer, I will never understand.  Though Logan did take his shirt off later. 

We climbed back down the mountain and refreshed w/ some bottled water.  Into the car and back to the city.  Logan is picking up English like crazy.  The kid can already count to ten, say the basics and learning like a sponge!  R is doing the same thing!  Heard her count to ten out of the blue today.  I also learned our daughter truly can not see.  I know the doc here does not think there is something wrong w/ her eyes but trust us, there is something really wrong w/ her eyes.  She will see a specialist immediately upon returning home.  No doubt.  She could not find her footing over the mountian.  Very scray for me to watch at times.  Reason I say that is b/c OSHA would have a field day w/ these people.  After great exercising, we went out to an outdoor cafe for lunch.  Stunning setting.  SO relaxing for sure.  Ironically, they were working on the English menus while we were there so no menus for us to order from.  So, relied on the translator.  I asked if the pizza was small.  Yes, was the answer.  LOL.  I should know better by now that they make food to feed at least 4 people here to a plate.  Delicious food!  Delicious food!  Yes, I said it twice.  Was a very relaxing meal together w/ our kids.  Even found out where R's scar on her nose came from.  Logan said that a kid from the previous orphanage kept hitting her in the nose w/ a stone.  Ouch!  We'll have it looked at once home but she is still beautiful. 

After lunch, we went to the park.  No translator w/ us.  Fun.  But, Logan and R catch on super duper fast so wasn't worried one bit.  We are so relaxed w/ these kids that I can treat them like my own already.  You know, like saying something to Logan at lunch for teasing his sister and getting her to eat a red onion.  Yes, typical sibs for sure.  Anyhow, at the park, I gave them their first taste of poprocks candy.  Hilarious!  Faces were priceless.  Then, we met up w/ some of their freinds from the orphanage there.  Such great kids.  I'm telling you, want to adopt, do it from this region and THIS home.  These are all older kids but so,so much to offer for sure.  I'd scoop up two more girls here in a heartbeat if Warren would let me.  LOL.  I think he'd take them too.  Van's full now.  No can do.  But, I do not intend to stop advocating for the kids here.  Never.  These are great kids, great orphanage, great orphanage director, great city, etc.  Can not express that enough.  Granted, the orphanage is still poor and needs financial help but they have got it right in raising these kids.  Our kids are not scared of their director and seem to show him respect.  I love that.  Like I said, they got it right here.  Once we are officially done w/ court in a few months, I will share pics of some of the kids.  For now though, I can't.  Trust me though, just amazing.  
Back to my story.  We met up w/ the other kids and all played together at the park.  Sharing pop rocks, a glider we brought and good old fashion fun.  We all took pictures together too.  Then our translator came back.  Off to ride ponies and then to get visa photos.  LOTS of walking.  No, no smooth sidewalks still.  While at the picture store, they want us to get this snowglobe that you stick a picture in.  Told you this orphanage was awesome.  They want the kids to see all four of us together while they wait it out.  Love it.  They also want us to skype the kids each week.  CAn you believe this?!  I'm thrilled at it all.  Other region, we were not allowed to take pics so this blows me away.  After pictures, off for icecream and drinks at a small stand.  Back to the car and orphanage.  Talked to the director about donations.  He wants a video camera for them to be able to tape the kids.  Now, I do believe that 1) it will help get more kids adopted and 2) they can record the vacations they take w/ the kids.  In ohter words, he wants momentos for "his" children to have in life.  Again, sign of a good guy.  Wants the kids to be able to have something to remember.  I think this is vital as I know how hard it is for my girls that have nothing to remember.  They long for that.  And, if he has extra money, he wants to buy a camera for another orphanage locally.  We said fine. 

It was time for the kids to say goodbye.  They do not like saying goodbye.  R is having a hard time w/ this part.  I know tomorrow will be rough for her.  Today was a dream.  We are head over heels in love with these two kiddos.  Their personalities just shine right through.  They want to hold our hands, they want to interact & play and joke around w/ us.  They want to teach us Bulgarian and they want to learn English.  They share with each other, play w/ each other, etc.  R gets tired, she gets cranky.  The littel things we are seeing in them is just wonderful.  I can not wait to see what the future has in store for these children.  There are  really no words to describe how I feel about them.  Love is not big enough.  I want them home.  I don't want to say goodbye tomorrow. I don't want to leave them here for a few months.  I don't want to.  But, I must.  I know that, they know that but it does not make it any easier on any of us.  Not one bit.  no one says adoption is easy.  But, all the good things are never easy anyhow.  We took a leap of faith that not many other families would and I know that.  It was not easy for us.  When we got the second medical reports(updates), don't think we weren't terrified or ready to possibly run away from it all.  It was indeed a thought of ours.  However, we decided to take that leap of faith and see where it led us.  Led us right to our children.  So glad we did.  I can not imagine life without them in it now that we've met them and spent the past two days with them.  They are more than we dreamed they'd be.  The medicals were not true.  I know I'm not telling you what all was in it but trust me, it is not for the faint of heart.  Our agency already told us that if it were any other family, they would have run far away in the other direction.  Sometimes, you need to take that giant leap of faith that everything will be okay.  For us, it was the right thing to do.  I know this has been a long journey.  Shoot, we have had just about every single curve ball you could have thrown at you.  A mad immigration agent(don't ask), Irina turning 18 & complicating what we needed, a CPS investigation and a few other things that I'm not at liberty to discuss yet till this adoption is over.  Yet, through it all we kept the faith that this is exactly what we were supposed to be doing and when.  It all feels right.  They say timing is everything.  It sure is. 

Now, Warren and I are getting ready to go downstairs, sit outside, have a great conversation about our kids (all 10 of them!), and enjoy a salad.  BEST salads ever here btw.  Tomorrow, we pack up, go to the orphange and to another site seeing place.  And, pick up their pictures.  The orphanage director also wants to load all pics we took of hte kids to his computer so that they can see them & us while they wait it out.  We also pick up visa pictures and the donation tomorrow.  Afterwards, time to say goodbye. I can not imagine that part of this process.  I love these kids.  It will be heartwrenching to be a part of saying goodbye knowing I will miss them dearly.  Pictures to come next post.  For now, just wanted to share about another fantastic day.  Even made more fantastic knowing that things at Chaos Manor have settled down and Alex is on the down turn of those meds.  Still not happy that was not in his file.  If we had the funds, we'd come back here again in a heartbeat and pick up those two girls.  The kids here deserve a family.  All of them asking when it is their turn.  It is a rarity for older kids to get adopted.  I don't see why.  You have not missed out.  On the contrary.  They have so much to give and you don't have to potty train!  I am looking forward to this fall when we are all together again.  All 12 of us, enjoying a meal at the table that Warren cooked.  Watching a movie together or going hiking together.  So much yet to experience together as a family.  So those tinking they are missing out by adopting an older child, think again.  Far from it.  You are gaining more than you can ever imagine.  We are adopting a 9yo and a 10yo.  And a 4yo.  Even 4yo's are considered older children in the adoption world.  A post for when I get home.  Just want you all to know, we love our kids at home and our kids to be with all our heart and more.  We have not missed out on a single thing all these past 12 years of us adopting older kids.  Enjoy your evening.  PIcture post next, I promise.  For now though, must go eat a fresh salad and enjoy one last evening alone w/ Warren before we head back to Chaos Manor on Saturday.  STay tuned for the picture post and DAY 6 tomorrow.  We go back to Sofia tomorrow w/ a stop at another orphanage.  No, we're not getting another kid.  More to come shortly. 

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  1. Goodbye's are very hard! It will be a tough day for everyone!!