Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DAY 4-- wonderful suprises await!

I honestly can't even believe I get to write this post.  Woke up and went to notarize some documents.  Headed to a new region...6 hours away.  Oh, how I hate the car.  BTW, you come to Bulgaria, close your eyes when they pass cars.  I don't know how they can drive like that but they do.  It's nuts!  We have an excellent driver.  No worries about her.  It's the other people coming at you at 140KM and not slowing down.  We were going to a region near the black sea.  Still 70KM from the sea but close enough.  The mountainous views were just beautiful.  Stopped once at  a gas station.  Great sandwich from a gas station.  Something to drink &we were all on our way.  Commenting how we always got stuck behind the trucks.  Breath taking views and I will upload pictures at some point but seriously, we have not slowed down since we arrived.  Schedule is packed.  Orphanage kept calling to see where we were and kids were all anxious to see us.  Got to the city and drove around for a little bit trying to find the orphange.  Called someone to come pick us up. 

Was nervous walking up to the doors but kids were leaning over the balcony saying R's parents were here.  Very sweet.  Went up to the director's office and starting the meeting w/ questions and things.  Asked about various meds, etc.  Well, then the kids came in.  These could NOT have been different children.  You study those pictures for months and finally get a glance at your kids in front of you.  Logan is a very handsome young man, full smile.  Loves to smile.  Personality was bubbling.  R takes a little longer to warm up but that was the room we were in.  Too serious a room.  This orphanage director is used to dealing w/ adoptions and I think is GREAT!  He was very nice and really has the kids' interests at heart.  Very proud of his institution and should be.  The kids were polite, all the ones we met.  They allowed us to go to see their rooms.  Their friends were there & all were interested in who we were.  Just a cute scene.  Rooms are sparce for sure.  Friends were nice though and kids were fun to be around.  We then headed outside & we're going to walk around. 

Since Logan is 10yo, he must give consent for the adoption.  So, someone from the courts has to follow us around for some of the time.  that was fine with us.  We were just estatic to see the kids.  Walked around their city.  They were teaching us things in Bulgarian and we were teaching them things in English.  Great conversations for sure.  Taking pictures the whole time.  Walked all the way to this local park. New park and fantastic.  PUlled out the glider we brought and got to playing.  Kids were playing on the playgrond as well.  Logan already knows some English and is sharp as a tack.  This kids is a smart boy for sure.  BTW, did I tell you he loves soccer.  I mean really loves soccer?  He even got to go to Sofia for a competition.  We actually ran into one of his teachers from school.  She told us he was a very smart kid & is going to miss him.  Wished him the best with his new family in America.  Wonderful that we got to take the kids out on the first day.  'R' was just as amazing.  These two are fantastic and I can not say that enough.  They are more than we'd dreamed they'd be.  I know I can't disclose medical info but just know the medicals looked very, very scary.   I can not stress it enough to take medical info with a grain of salt and really just meet the kids.  These two are doing very well in school, are thought of very highly, and are sweet.  Nice, polite, etc.  Kids that would make great role models.  Kids that you want your kids to strive to be.  What we saw today was just two awesome, awesome kids very ready to have a family.  Holding our hands, not wanting to let go at times.  Didn't mind one bit.  We went and all got ice cream on the way back from the park.  Tasted great and cooled us off though just a touch.  Went back to the orphanage and said our goodbyes.  They quickly asked if we were coming back tomorrow. 

To say we were pleasantly surprised by the kids we met today is a grave understatement.  It could not have gone any better if you tried.  Did I mention these kids are awesome?!  The orphanage is nice.  Okay, still an orphanage but I mean the staff is wonderful.  Care for the kids and love the kids.  You can see it in ALL of them.  Not just our kids.  Says a lot about this place.  I don't even want to leave here!  Tomorrow, we get to take the kids sightseeing all day and to lunch.  What a dream.  A caretaker will be with us I think too but the court lady not sure yet.  We don't care who comes. We are seriously having a lot of fun w/ these kids and can just picture them w/ our kids at home.  He and Alex will run each other ragged.  LOL.  R and Alyona will enjoy their time together & I think R & Yana will actully mesh really well too.  Perfect fit.  You know, I'm glad they were turned down so many times.  I'm glad everyone just looked at the medicals instead of the kids.  I know that sounds horrible but if it weren't for that, we would not have them in our lives today.  We saw past what so many could not get past in regards to medical info.  I will stress this one last time, take any medicals you have with a grain of salt.  Won't say what is on ours until after court.  You will see night and day though, I assure you of that.  I am so glad we took that leap of faith on these kids and believed in them.  I am floating on cloud 9 right now and not coming down any time soon.  I'm looking so forward to entire day tomorrow & am already dreading deeply having to leave them here till we can come back.  These are our kids through and through.  BTW, girls better lookout for Logan.  He is a cutie!  'R's hair is thick and black and beautiful.  Someone french braided it for her today.  They were so thrilled we were coming that the kids got to pick out a new outfit just to wear for us.  All their friends gathered round to look at the photos of our family.  Very cute.  Oh, btw, Logan was funny.  Before we came he asked if he was going to be Italian.  See, they have quite a few Italian families adopt from there he said. 

Logan and R are very healthy.  Very healthy.  Gosh, I can hardly stand not sharing a picture right now.  Killing me for sure.  Coming here expecting one thing & preparing for a variety of needs and then seeing the complete opposite is well, just a wonderful surprise.  I love these kids w/ every fiber of my being.  Warren and I are not worried one bit about their adjustment or their fitting in.  None.  I can not wait to introduce them to the kids at home.  I can barely stand it!  I want all 10 kids home now.  I do.  I want to have them all swimming in the pool, eating dinner at the table together, playing outside, going on trips with us, etc.  I am in love with my kids.  They were beyond worth the wait. 

Okay, hotel we are in is awesome. Very romantic feel.  Beautiful and will have pictures tomorrow to catch folks up.   I know pics are the best part.  Warren and I had dinner outside.  Just the two of us.  Talking about our kids here in Bulgaria and at home.  Ordered a wonderful dinner and some water.  Came upstairs and have been working here for quite some time.  Kids are calling in just a short while.  Can't wait to share the news.  The room is fantatic, kids at home are doing great, kids here are doing great, life is good.  Need to catch some sleep as walking all over tomorrow.  Beautiful weather to boot.  I am just so dog gone happy right now.  I wish you all could feel this way when meeitng your kids.  It is such a wonderful feeling.  And, I get to see them tomorrow all over again.  I am regretting not staying here an extra day or two.  It would have been wonderful.  However, we do have kids at home that need us just as much and we had a judgement call to make before coming here.  I was worried about my kids at home before we left.  Turns out they are doing just fine w/out me there.  But, we do need to get home fast so we can get back here fast.  MOre paperwork to do and waiting on the wonderful FBI.  Praying it all comes together in record time as I honestly don't know how I'm going to say goodbye on Friday.  I don't want to say goodbye.  This is the most torturous part I think for adoptive parents.  I fell to my knees when putting Yana and Alex back on the plane after hosting them.  Literally, fell to my knees crying in agony of saying goodbye.  Pathetic, I know but don't care.  I am going to try not to be a basket case on Friday but no guarantees.  Just wanted to share I am in love with my kids and can't wait to learn more about them tomorrow.  Got to get to bed.  PIcs coming tomorrow.  Well, ones I can post.  And, DAY 5 comes tomorrow.  No driving tomorrow night so I"ll be able to write about it for sure.  This is the oldest city in Bulgaria we are told.  Beautiful here.  Wait till you see it.  And, in case you are wondering, R is in a size 7/8.  Logan is in a size 8 boys.  He's smaller than Alex but not by much.  Alyona and R will be able to share clothes.  Wahoo.  Got to go.  Stay tuned for DAY 5 tomorrow.

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