Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 3 (part II)-- last visit w/ Summer

Alright, time to get back to work on here.  Traveling from day to day makes it very difficult for sure.  More on that too.  SO, SO much to tell.  HOnest to goodness, you will not want to miss DAY 4.  That's today but had to finish yesterday up first.  BTW, you travel to two different regions, all the time just blends together.  Right now I am just high as a kite about today but have to wait to tell you all in next post.

I left the last post about us & the orphanage donations.  Left Summer and us, translator, & orphanage director headed out to buy some donations.  To say they needed this stuff is an understatement.  Again, more on the orphanages & donations when I have time for a separate post  b/c it really does deserve its own post.  Anyhow, we set out to exchange our money first. Got a crappy exchange rate btw, but I don't think they realized that.  Also, when we went into the bank, I started getting nicotine poisoning and thought I"d throw up right there.  Did not throw up and thankfully, it was raining outside & once int he fresh air, was okay.  Took us 3 stores (not close together) to finally find a place that had some desks.  And, they'd deliver.  Great news too b/c I think all of us failed to think where we'd put those things.  LOL.  After treking around the city which was blazing hot & felt like an eternity, we decided to stop for lunch.  Worst waitress ever in any language!  It was hilarious & all 4 of us were laughing about it.  I wanted a bake potato but ended up w/ french fries.  I said don't worry b/c who knows what she'd bring back if we told her to exchange it.  We had a serious conversation about adoptions with the orphanage director.  Really got to hear what Bulgarians think in general.  I disproved one major misconception they all have.  They all think Americans are VERY rich to be adopting.  We explained in detail how it all worked & how much we sacrifice to do this.  I think they felt sorry later b/c they offered to help pay for lunch.  The conversations were light and honest.  None of us were afraid to ask questions or speak.  I asked if the orphanage director had any questions for us.  She said no, the pictures of your happy family you brought speak for themselves.  She said the children have no life if they leave the orphanage once they age out.  They need love and family she said.  She is not worried about us at all.  Was a very pleasant lunch.  Finished up w/ some shoe shopping for the kids and headed back to the orphanage to try to get our daughter to interact w/ us.  Saw us and the screaming started.  Now, what is ironic about all this is when we are gone, she asks where we've gone and when we're coming back & tells all her friends what she did w/ us that day.  Got to love it.  Met in the meeting room since it was so rainy out.  Hot room.  Nothing to do so I don't know how we're supposed to interact when she's clinging to the caretaker's neck like she's falling off a cliff.  Crying the whole time of course.  I asked do you have any games?  They had a small box w/ very few puzzles.  So, sat down w/ her and started doing puzzles.  She even let me touch her. Hey, we'll take progress at this point.  She was laughing at the end saying all our names on the pictures.  Loves the necklace Irina made her.  We then had to say goodbye and watch her blow us kisses as we drove away.  I hate the drive away.  Despite her crying, I know she'll do fine once home and healing starts.  We all however, are trying to figure out how we are going to stand the drive from the orphanage next trip.  Ear plugs maybe?  When I say she's going to cry, I'm not exaggerating here or pumping it up.  This is not a joking matter to say the least.  Some healing will have to go on but that takes time.  We realize this, we weren't going to push her w/ this being just the beginning.  I think Reni will help a lot the second trip. 

Summer is going to be our youngest.  She is going to be spoiled.  She is going to be loved.  However, we know this is not without work to come.  I think once she leaves the orphanage setting things will be different.  I know they will.  There are things I can't say on here yet as we are still in process.  Summer will be just fine.  She will be loved beyond measure and you will seriously not believe how gorgeous this little girl is.  How so many can pass her by is beyond me.  I know her medicals read horribly, but we saw past that.  Glad we stopped and took the time to look and see her past the issues.  Which, btw, she does not have the issues originally on the medical.  I will remind everyone to take the medicals with a grain of salt. 

Though all exhausted, we had to drive back to Sofia.  3 hours back.  Got back at 9:30 at night to Scotty's.  Put in the Paris room this time.  We were in the Prague room last time.  Paris is MUCH better.  Bigger room and nicer shower set up.  No funky smell.  We were going to go out to the market since we were starving.  Realized I'd either left my pocket book in Kurdzhali or in the car.  Praying it was in the car.  Called my agency in the states to find my pocket book b/c I didn't have the coordinator's #.  All my stuff was in the purse from money to passports to everything.  I think we were just so exhausted, we all forgot to check if we had everything.  NOt too long later, our translator came back, purse in hand.  Market was closed so Warren and I had crackers and water for dinner.  I was SO in the mood for a big dinner after french fries for lunch.  All this walking and hardly eating quite right has as of yesterday, allowed me to lose 6 lbs thus far!  Paris room had a scale & I was curious.  We settled down for the night.  No longer worried about Summer.  Talked it all over and what the plan would be though we really won't know how all will work exactly till she's home.  Wait and see.  Lots of love coming her way for sure.  BTW, she's big.  Well, bigger than all my other 4yo's I've brought home.  The 2T we brought her fit great though I think a 3T is what she'll come home in.  DAY 3 was a lot of learning for sure.  I loved watching my daughter.  If the adults are not hounding her & you just let her in her element w/her friends, it is so wonderful to see her play.  She plays well w/ her friends.  One day, she'll play well w/ her family too.  Much more to come!  DAY 4 is AWESOME! 

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