Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DAY 3-- more visits/ orphanage donation (part 1)

This morning we tried to refresh by getting a shower. Worked a little. Headed down to breakfast half asleep. Now, our menu is translated literally so even in English you have to figure out what they are saying. It is pretty funny & I wished I'd taken pictures of it. We figured out the fried bread w/ egg must be french toast. So, french toast it was. It was delicious & had I known that was my last meal for hte day, I would have finished it off. Oh well. Live and learn when traveling. Eat when you can. Packed up the car and left for the orphanage.

Summer was waiting for us but not willing to go for us yet. Her friends on the other hand definitely are ready to get out of there. There is a 5yo boy there that I could pack up in a suitcase in a heart beat. Too bad the van is full. LOL. Some orphanage kids you meet just touch you. This is one of them. Anyhow, the caretakers try to chase the other kids away but frankly, it's easier w/ them there as it is more of Summer's normal routine. Helps her adjust. Plus, she gets upset if those familiar faces are taken away. There is nothing wrong w/ her tear ducts, that's for sure. We started asking more round about questions to try to figure out what is triggering some of the crying episodes. Summer was at an orphanage before this one (no, I won't disclose which one) and it is not so nice as they put it. When she entered this current home, she did not speak for 6 months we are told. Ahh, now we're getting somewhere. Now, we understand that these meetings will NOT fix thiis problem. This will take time. And from then on, we were not so worried about her crying or about the why or about her even warming up to us during this trip. that was just not in the cards this go around. However, she is indeed our daughter and yes, we are pursuing her adoption. Yet, I think it is important for other adoptive parents to realize it may not always be the meeting you dreamed it would be. Don't sweat it. Read between the lines and ask questions. The caretakers gave us some pictures of when she first came there and also some milestones. In Bulgarian of course. WE'll get it translated eventually.

It was again time for lunch but first we were going to take the orphanage director to pick up some items. You all helped raise $1200 to give to 2 orphanages. She was thrilled when we told her $600 was coming her way. At first when we asked what they needed, they said toys. And folks, if you saw what little toys they had, you'd say the same thing. One sad pack of markers that barely had any color left in them. One pack. But, she truly wanted to think hard about it. So, gave her some time. She decided on tables and chairs(desks) so the kids could eat and write on them. Also, some summer shoes for the kids that really needed new ones and some yogurt.  So, your donations helped w/ desks, shoes and some food.  I feel it was well spent.  Now, had I known how long it would have taken downtown, I would have opted out (no choice though) of going for a trek around the city...on foot.  I swear to you there are NO smooth roads in this region.  Nope, can't find a one.  More on our trek and stuff later.  We must get to bed as tomorrow we rise and go to Reni & Logan's region.  A 6 hour drive.  To say I'm not looking forward to that drive is an understatement.  The things we do for our kids.  Goodnight and part 2 coming maybe tomorrow if we have internet in region.  We did not in Summer's region.  Much more to come.  Part II of Day 3 is next.  Then , our meeting of the sibs.  Can't wait. 

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