Friday, June 10, 2011

Change of plans!!!

Just b/c I never have enough excitement in my adoption journeys, we have to stir the pot a little more.  Got an email this afternoon w/ a phone call saying we can indeed leave Bulgaria two days earlier.  This works out phenominally well (except for the extra $300 in fees) for us.  Our biggest worry during this whole trip is the kids at home & what they've been through over the last few months w/ CPS.  Praying it all goes smoothly while we're gone.  SO, SO much to do yet.  donations are still coming in.  Even got one in the mail today.  Thanks Donna!  I know I owe many thank yous and many emails yet.  I will get back to everyone once home.  Today is just a whirlwind.  Getting ready to go to Walmart & to go get shaggy's haircut.  Aka, Alex.  And Nik.  Max is working today which is wonderful.  Coming home, packing, eating dinner, swimming laps & finishing that stupid paperwork.  I know, I procrastinated.  I can not even begin to describe how we're feeling.  On cloud 9, nervous, excited, tired, overwhelmed, happy, all in one.  No time to blog.  Those new to adoption, last minute flight changes have happened to us for about half our adoptions.  Eldo at Golden Rule Travel is the BEST!!!  More to come.

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  1. Have a wonderful trip meeting your sweeties. So happy it's finally here for you. It sounds like you have done so much. What isn't done will be waiting for you when you get back--as it always seems to do. I would so steal your van tonight as you sleep and get you a car wash and vacuum...but we live too far :(
    And the Scotty boutique actually looks nice and typical. Not sure why all the staff has to be gay to make it a gay friendly place...and really not sure what a "gay friendly" workout facility means!?!? But enjoy. Great location too! You will be right in the heart of it all. Have a great trip.