Friday, June 3, 2011

Broken parts

We have children that have special needs.  Some of those require certain equipment to keep them healthy or walking or whatever.  Sometimes, equipment fails.  Told you about Nik's implants.  We try to fix as soon as possible.  Bojan's leg has been problematic for quite some time.  I'll go back and tell you a little history.  See, when Bojan was first going to be getting this new leg, we were contemplating whether or not to go to an adult knee.  Our prosthetist talked it over w/ a representative & told him all about how rough Bojan is on equipment.  Otto-bock rep assured us that the knee could handle it.  So, we moved forward.  Bojan has a hydraulic knee.  An adult knee.  Broke the first week.  Fixed it.  Broke again.  Fixed it.  Leaking hydraulic fluid.  Fixed again.  Point is, this knee was NOT meant for kids.   Period.  The company was even trying to tell our prosthetist office that we were putting it on a different patient that exceeded the weight limit.  They said NO, it was put on a pediatric patient.  At that point, I think they were in a bit of shock themselves.  We see the problem.  We see the flaw.  Our prosthetist tried to put a cover on that they gave.  Didn't last that evening even.  Our guy made one himself.

 This is the cover that was made for his leg. Well, we had to add the blue painter's tape. 

The cover, busted after 2 days. 

Heaven forbid, we used duct tape on one of our kids!  Okay, those of you who know about the CPS investigation get that joke.  Hey, if you'd gone through months of that garbage, you'd laugh too once it was through.  Anyhow, we hate that he is all taped up and looking horrible.

Alright, I wrote an entire page & it was lost by blogger...URGHH!!!  Can't remember what I was going to say.  Basically, we must wait to figure out where we go from here.  His leg is functional for sure.  Years ago he got a running foot.  He busted the carbon fiber foot 2X!  Two different feet.  Within one week's time on each foot.  Kid is hard on equipment for sure.  Thank goodness we have Frank.  Best prosthetist ever.  He has found all kinds of solutions for this kid of ours.  So, if you see him about, know you'll know why he's all taped up.  Got to go. I wrote a whole other part of this post but I'm too tired to do it twice.  Tomorrow is our yardsale.  Trying to raise some last minute funds for the kids' orphanages.  Praying we can sell at least a little there.  Would be awesome.  Plus, would help us clear some clutter.  Older kids are helping w/ a church fundraiser.  Bright & early.  Lots to do.  I'll post some more pictures tomorrow for sure.  Time to see some of the kiddos. 

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