Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Brief update (on the adoption front)

After attending 2 award ceremonies today, 2 parties, & taking the 4 "littles" swimming in the pool, I can finally write.  Just brought Alex back from running club.  Getting ready to clean up the house so that we can shoot a video this evening for our new kids.  Now, we have a son over there that is 10yo.  He MUST give consent in order to be adopted.  It's the law.  So, we wanted to ease any fears he may have a bit by making a video of us and the kids & the house.  To kind of see what to expect.  No chaos scenes though.  That may scare him away.  We want the kids to speak a little bit, show the camera around, etc.  Something simple.  Making copies & giving to their orphanages.  Tonight, we are also making 3 photo albums for each of the kids.  So, keeping busy. 

Kids are getting a little anxious here.  However, I can't really tell if it is from us leaving soon or from the end of school stuff.  Any change of routine does throw off our FAS kids.  Happens each time w/ breaks.  They'll be fine, just everyone on edge a bit. 

The adoption front.  Got a little more clarification and think we'll be okay...for this trip.  Alright, all families typically pay visa fees on first trip.  Told it would be okay if we paid on second trip though.  If we can raise it in 3 days fine.  Highly doubt it so second trip it probably is.  Told the region we are going to is an expensive region.  It is near Turkey.  Looks beautiful for sure.  Also, the price of the rooms is for us AND the interpreter which makes more sense.  Still expensive so they are still working on finding us cheaper rooms.  Praying they'll find us cheaper rooms.  That's $85 a night which is still kind of pricey compared to what I've found online.  Knowing the others at about $55 a night is not so bad.  Hard to swallow though b/c if you look online, you can definitely find a cheaper place to stay.  I shouldn't complain but being that we have NO money left for trip 2, every single penny counts on this one.  For those who don't know, we are going to two different regions in Bulgaria as our kids are in two different orphanages. 

Don't know how we're getting where.  Trusting our coordinators over there & the team.  This is so much different than Russia b/c in Russian adoptions, I had an itinerary every single step of the way.  Here, I have no idea even what regions we're going to first.  Thankfully, we are up for just about anything.  There is a lot going on with these next three adoptions.  We are very ready to get the kids home safe and sound.  Get them the medical help necessary.  I know this will be an emotional trip for us all.  I wish I could share more but don't think it's a good idea at this point in time.  After I obtain more information once in country and see them in person, I'll be able to share some more accurate information.  For those new to adoption, you take the medicals with a grain of salt.  That is what we have always done.  Even this time.  We knew the kids we are going to adopt were special needs.  However, we recently received a little more medical info. Much I will not get into at this time.  I do promise to share but as all of you know, for awhile, things need to be kept quiet till more is final.  Hope that all made sense.  Put it this way, we have a lot on our minds.  I know many questions will be answered in less than a week.  So hard to even phathom.  We are ready.  We are.  When you get ready to leave to meet your new children, there are always so many emotions attached to it.  For us, even more.  Older children know what is going on.  They do.  Yana was 8.5 when we brought her home.  She knew the magnitude of the situation.  Her world was going to change.  'R' & Logan are 9 and 10yo.  They too know what will be happening.  Don't think for a moment older kids don't know.  They meet you w/ hesitation.  They are cautiously optimistic.  You both are.  Praying all goes well. 

In addition, older kids have a hard burden to carry once the parents leave.  See, in many older kids' homes, the other kids make the kid ready to get a family a target of sorts.  It's sad.  They too want families but most will not get one just due to their age.  Sometimes, they take this anger out on the child that is about to be adopted.  We truly hope this will not be the case.  For Yana, it was okay.  The girls felt good about us coming and were genuinely happy that Yana got a family.  Plus, we promised we'd help the others find a family.  Some of them indeed did!  So much on our minds for sure.  Making sure when we go over there, all the kids in his group are treated well.  All of them are given a sense of hope. 

Well, started this.  What would Chaos Manor be w/out some chaos.  We were shooting a video for the new kids.  Alyona got hurt on the trampoline.  Don't think the foot is broken.  Will know for sure soon but about 95% confident it is NOT broken.  Just hurting her a bit.  Video still not done & now Alyona is yelling at her brother again so can't be but so hurt.  LOL.  Now, going downstairs to try to shoot some more video.  Got to love it.  More to come but getting stuff done is a priority right now.  Enjoy your evening.

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