Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bojan's graduation

Okay, I'll try to be nice but I also have to be honest.  Personally, I think it is ridiculous to have a 5th grade graduation.  But, we went.  It is nice seeing our son get awards and things but I think 5th grade "graduation" is a bit much.  When we grew up,you had high school graduation.  Now, you have preschool, kindergarten, 5th grade, 8th grade graduation & high school graduation. I just think the significance of it all gets lost a bit.  Anyhow, that's just me.  To the real stuff... the pictures.

 Irina and Nik waiting for the ceremony to start.  Aren't they cute?  BTW, when one of our kids has a big event, the rule is they all must go.  We think showing support is important.  And no, I don't care what people think taking all with us to such an event.

 It was literally standing room only.  It was ridiculous!  People were lined up everywhere.  And it was HOT.  Understatement of the year.  People were sweating, going in & out of the auditorium.  Found out from Max the school's air conditioners had been broken since the last storm & they kept opening the doors & windows during school. Umm, nice to inform the folks attending this event.  URGHH!!!  They could have at least told folks to wear shorts.  Alex had real trouble staying cool.  Luckily, the people waiting to serve the 5th graders melting cupcakes gave him some water.  Honestly, I thought we were going to be in air conditioning so thought nothing of getting stuff ready for Alex.  His cooling vest still has not arrived.

Bojan was receiving the art achievement award.  He received a student of the month award, award for behavior and I think A/B honor roll award too but have to check on that one.  My kids never ever get any attendance awards due to the sheer # of doc appointments.  And, with Bojan & Alyona's disabilities, they never ever receive a P.E. award either.  However, both receive plenty of awards so it's not a big deal.  Trust me, there is no shortage of awards for them or achievement.  It's fantastic!

 Max and Nik resting.  It was just too hot to stand most of the time.  The ceremony was over 2 hours.  It was very hard on any kids in attendance. 

 Ahh, freedom from the heat.  LOL.  We were very proud of Bojan.  It seemed cooler outside & it was in the 90's that day. 

Bojan and Max goofing around of course.  These two are just inseparable.  I swear they can read each other's minds.  Oh, Bojan & his friend decided to wear Hawaiian shirts.  

 The picture doesn't do it justice but the sky was gorgeous when the ceremony was over.  We went home after to let the dogs out.  After roasting for 2 hours, we decided neither of us was going home to cook over a hot fire.

Went to Logan's. We go somewhere, we all get water. Though all of us were dying for an ice cold coke, it wasn't happening.  We hadn't been out to eat for quite some time so thought it was a good night for it.  We try to go out once a month if we can.  Kids did great.  All were hungry as ceremony ended at 8 or so. 

Nik, glistening in sweat still.  Yes, it was indeed that hot.  Why he smashes his rolls, I'll never know.   They always seem to stick us back in the bar section as the seating is big enough.  Kids always comment on the alcohol pictures but gives us a chance to reiterate the importance of our FASers not to drink.  Always a teaching moment.  

This is what we came home to after enjoying a nice evening out with our kids.  This is courtesy of Alaska,I'm sure of it.  She is our chewer. 

A better view.  We stuffed it back in.  No new couch in sight but this is ridiculous.  

Overall, great time with Bojan.  Kids did well given the circumstances.  Bojan did awesome & really racked up some awards for sure!  Very proud of him.  This was his first year w/ no IEP in place.  Remarkable progress was made.  Though still miffed he doesn't even know the Star Spangled Banner.  Long story.  Anyhow, I still can not believe Bojan is going to Middle School next year.  He has come so far so fast.  I know he'll do great things one day.  That is, if we can survive his comedy routines.  More on school awards & things.  Off to make 3 photo albums now.  And, it's 10pm.  Hey, at least I got my laps in tonight in the pool.  Needed to clear my head for sure. 

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