Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blast from the past!

Always neat seeing old pictures & just how fast our kids grow. 

So, can't figure out what I did to space this wrong.  Top picture is from 2008.  Nik w/ his homemade bed.  Sandwich & all so he could watch tv from bed.  Second one is Alyona getting a b-day present.  

Max & Nik from June of 2008.  Both look so much younger.  Happy though.  

 Nik & Alyona enjoying some fun in the pool.  We go through rafts like water.  That's why I buy them for 75% off at the end of season.  Just opened some up today as well. 

 Warren attacking an onion.  No idea why & he will most likely get even for me posting this picture.  This was from June 2010.

Alex LOVES corn.  His favorite.  This was from last year.  Irina is in the background. 

Hope you enjoyed a quick blast from the past.  My kids really do grow up fast.  Can't wait to meet my next 3.  They too have grown SO much since we first received pictures.  Hate the fact these adoptions always take so long.  Worth it but what I wouldn't give to have even just a few extra months with the kids.  I know adoption is a lengthy process but it doesn't make it any easier on parents or what they feel they may be missing. 

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