Friday, June 3, 2011

Bits & pieces & update

Today has been a bit hectic.  I woke up & had to finish making 24 cupcakes for Alyona's class.  I make the boxed cake but homemade icing.  Cleaned out icing bowl, told kids to get up for the 30th time & get ready, & started icing. Warren had to leave early w/ Nik & the problematic implants.  More on him in a minute.  It's 7:53am.  Kids go out the door at 7:55.  Bus comes shortly after.  I've decided I should have been a short order chef.  How I managed to get out 24 cupcakes, iced & decorated, I'll never know. But, I did. They made it to school.  No idea what my kids looked like or if they even grabbed their lunches for school but the cupcakes for the party in Alyona's class were done.  Max told me he didn't have reviews or exams today so he stayed home.  More on that in a minute too.  I got ready to go to the chiro at 9am.  Littles came over about 20 till.  Made it to chiro.  Then to post office who couldn't guarantee an overnighted package.  So, went to fedex place here called Bulldog.  They are always, always so nice there.  should have gone there first.  Anyhow, got the papers mailed out and headed home.  Got home to an Alex is sick message.  Load everyone back up to go pick up Alex.  School tends to over-react w/ Alex.  He is NOT sick btw.  I can tell when Alex is sick b/c he literally just sleeps & his eyes become diliated.  Same thing happens when he has a RAD episode.

Okay, started that yesterday.   I'll finish up w/ saying we went to Bojan's graduation.  Whoever planned it at the auditorium must have NOT knowingly done so knowing that the air conditioners were broken.  People were frying in there.  We had to keep going in & out.  People were going outside to place orders at restaurants to leave immediately afterwards b/c it was so bad.  Bojan did great & have a separate post on him later this weekend.  Remember, Alex doesn't handle heat well. Max told me the air conditioners had been broken at that school(brand NEW school btw) since the last storm & they'ev been opening windows & doors.  The ceremony was incredibly long for everyone.  2 hours.  Not counting the time you had to wait.  Standing room only.  No seats left so you know that didn't do well for my bunch.  Mid-way I gave up and let them have free range.  Sweating, everyone's hungry, audience is fanning themselves, everyone is checking watches, everyone is thirsty, etc. was not going to add constantly telling them what to do.  Call it bad parenting if you will but at that point, an hour in, I didn't care.  So, some of mine went outside & apparently joined other families waiting in the lobby w/ their kids too.  Warren & I decided there was no way we were going home & cooking over a hot fire.  Took the kids to get something to eat.  Came home & it's 10pm.  Kids went to bed & so did we.  It was just a very tiring evening & hence, why I didn't get anything written here.  I know the school could not have known that the other school was having air conditioner issues but I do believe that the school we went to should have informed them.  Or, given fans out.  LOL. 

About Nik.  Both his internal mics on the processors were broken.  We knew something was up.  Knew it before we went to Camp Cheerio.  However, the problem was intermittent at the time.  And, he was still wanting to wear them.  Turns out poor kid has been hearing horrible static when he tells us they're too loud.  We had tried every combo here & just couldn't figure out what was wrong.  It was odd b/c he'd wear them .  Anyhow, they are temporarily fixed till new ones are sent to us.  Hoping they come before we leave so we can make sure they are okay.  Warren said he was just thrilled when he could hear more again w/out the static.  They also want to put Nik in a research study for AN kids who are bilaterally implanted.  He fits that prototcol for sure. They're calling us when home from Bulgaria.  He'll get another ABR which I think will be good to have anyhow.  Glad he can participate.  Nik is all fixed up. 

Bojan's hand, where the missing finger is, is fine now.  Bojan said it was really hurting him & such.  We said we'd take him in to get it checked out but wanted to give it a few weeks as we suspected growing pains.  Sure enough, yesterday Bojan said it doesn't bother him any more.  Fantastic!  Now, positive it was growing pains.  Same thing happened w/ his chest years ago & sure enough, took him in & doc said growing pains.  So medically,all our kids should be okay while we're gone.  Keeping fingers crossed.

Today, I went to the chiropractor.  Trying to get well before going on the plane.  I have 2 "littles" today & we're getting ready to go out to slip & slide.  Now is their winding down time after lunch & morning playing.  I get 15 minutes to do some things while they play.  Next, outside, which btw, is gorgeous out.  I will try to pull some weeds & such while they slip & slide.  My neighbors are having yardsales so as a last minute way for us to raise money for the orphanages, we will have stuff for sale as well.  Lots of things we can sell.  If we can make even $50, it will be worth it.  No matter how last minute it is.  So, when one takes a nap, I'll be looking around the house for items we no longer need.  Can't wait to clear some more clutter & at the same time, help the orphanages over in Bulgaria.  So, wake up early & do a yardsale & at the same time take some of the kids to the church fundraiser.  Then, come home to do our fundraiser in the driveway for icecream.  Busy day.  Very busy day tomorrow. 

Orphanage fundraisers are doing awesome!  The outpouring of generosity is a bit humbling for sure.  We are up to $882.  I think that is amazing for the amount of time we've done this.  We'll be adding to that tomorrow w/ our fundraisers here at the house.  Praying all goes well as it is all very last minute.  Please keep helping to spread the word.  It is making all the difference.  I know with help, we can make this happen.  Restore hope & life to these children.  And not just our children, but hundreds that live over there.  Thanks for listening.  I have much more to do.  I won't even get into the phone conversations I had w/ one of Yana's teachers who could care less that she can't do basic math at the grocery store.  I gave her & Alex a simple math problem to figure out.  They couldn't do it.  Her teacher's explanation is that it is calculator alternative on her IEP.  What?!  That excuses them from teaching basic math?!  NO WAY!  I knew the conversation would go nowhere. They wanted me to meet next week.  I said no.  I told them August.  Gives me time to research laws & such b/c I know there is no way this can be right and allowed to happen.  It's crazy.  My intentions this coming school year is to homeschool all the elementary kids.  May be high school kids to if this keeps up.    I do not want my kids to memorize what is on a test.  I want to be able to learn & apply information.  Period.  More on school later.  Just was stunned that the teacher could care less if my child could do simple math.  Just cared if she could use a calculator or not.

Much, much more happening.  We are at T-8 days and not nearly enough has gotten done here.  Praying it all falls into place before we leave.  I can hardly wait for the adventure that awaits us.  May stay away from fresh salads just to be o the safe side.  Though so far, not hearing of any contamination in Bulgaria.  Russia has banned food from Spain already though.  I hear Bulgaria has excellent food.  We're on a very, very tight budget so most likely we'll eat two meals a day.  Plenty of opportunity to try some new things.  Warren tends to be much more adventurous than I in this department though.  Got to go.  Slip & slide time!  Enjoy your day & more pics to come. 

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