Saturday, June 11, 2011

at the airport

Well, sitting in Philly waiting to board to Frankfurt.  ON time.  RDU we sat on the tarmac a bit but not bad.  I am not the best traveler but Warren is putting up w/ me.  That and Dramamine works wonders.  I"m taking more of the sleepy pill once on this flight.  FRankfurt to Sofia and spend the night there.  That is our unique hotel experience awaiting us.  Monday, we get to go see our Summer.  Busy, busy schedule so I'll write when I can.  Keeps my mind occupied anyhow.  Pray for a safe and noneventful trip.  Got to go.  Boarding soon.  We're one leg closer to our kiddos!  enjoy the weekend.  Have to tell you all that the kids did fine w/ us leaving.  No tears so we were good.  more to come later when I can keep my eyes open.


  1. safe travels and enjoy your time in Bulgaria and meeting your children!!!

  2. Did you get any sleep before you left?? I have done many a trip where I just ended up staying up all night...I don't recommend it!

  3. BEST WISHES FROM HERE!!!... We´ll praying for all of you!!!... huge hug!!!... ;)