Saturday, June 11, 2011


Time has come to really start this journey of ours.  Never did I think it would have ever taken this long.   Goes to show you, always expect the unexpected when adopting.  I can't write long.  Still packing.  Warren hasn't even started packing.  I did get my laps in last night so relieved to get rid of some of that tension.  I am going to try not to get upset when I say goodbye to the kids.  Will be hard for sure.  All the things I'm going to miss I'm sure I could write a whole post on.  However, let's think of all the people/ things I'm going to see & experience.  So much.  Not sure if I'll be able to load pictures or not but will be able to blog.  We'll see.  Our scheduled is jammed packed.  I get to see my little girl on Monday.  So close.  Getting closer.  Must go for now.  Enjoy your week everyone.  Following along.  Hopefully, Chaos Manor's kind of happenings will not follow us to Bulgaria. We'd appreciate prayers for a smooth journey and health during this trip.  Thanks to all who made this possible.  Flying to Philly, to Frankfurt to Sofia.  Write when we land...somewhere.


  1. Good luck and safe travels! I hope you can bring your kids home soon - how long do both trips take?

  2. Praying for every aspect of this beautiful journey!
    In Him,