Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Adoption update...again

Yep, towards the end of an adoption journey before trip one, things are forever changing & things starting to fall into place. Happens every time.  No different this time.  Remember when I wrote on here the price of hotels?  Well, I also wrote & told agency we could not afford that.  We don't mind something simple.  Shoot, we camp.  If the hotel has a roof, air conditioning, & clean bedding, we'll be doing much better than any campsite.  LOL.  Now, instead of $125 a night, it is $67 a night.  And, the high end region for $171 a night is now $81 a night.  The other region is $123 per night for 2 nights.  These prices are for our room & our interpreter's.  Explaining all the details on here so that others coming after me know what to expect.  That way, you too can budget.  I have no idea what to expect of the hotel b/c the ones arranging it in Bulgaria said "we booked the most underscale hotel which is very cheap."  I can only imagine.  Since we are only there one night though, I don't care.  As long as critters aren't crawling on me, I'll be fine.  I am awaiting the name of the hotel so that I can register it with the embassy.  Once I know the name, you bet I'm looking it up online.  The hotels I've seen there are beautiful.  And I'm sure that's probably where we were booked the first time but this is about getting my kids home, NOT staying in a luxury hotel.  We must find funds any way we can and if it means sucking it up in a small hotel, we'll be sure to do it. 

Oh, found out we get to meet our little girl on Monday!  Can you believe it?!  I can hardly stand it.  This is a 4yo little girl we will name Summer.  Giving you the name we will give her.  I know you are not supposed to use identifying info on blogs but seriously, there are no kids w/ the American name of Summer.  So, no way to find her.  Her birthday is in December so a ways to go before she is 5yo.  Almost all kids coming out of Bulgaria for international adoption are older kids.  we don't mind one bit.  This little girl will need much help reaching her fullest potential but we intend to work hard to give that to her.  She will be just fine.  I wish I could share her picture.  She is a doll!  I'll ask permission when I'm over there if I could share pics on here but I highly doubt it until after court.  Sorry but you'll get local pictures instead.  I think that was the hardest thing for us for Alyona & Nik...not being able to share pictures.  Though, you know all adoptive parents share pictures anyways.  LOL.  Just not publicly.  I've been good, not a single picture.  Drives me bonkers but we follow the rules to a tee as we never want anything we did to jeopardize our adoptions. 

After visiting our daughter, we will visit w/ the 9 & 10yo siblings.  Girl & a boy.  Very excited to be meeting them.  Older kids are great b/c they will tell it like it is whether you want to hear it or not.  We will be spending 2 days in each region, maybe more.  Rest of the time in Sofia.  So, hoping we can meet up w/ some other families.  Those out there traveling, we'll be in Sofia, June 12th but that would be hard to meet that day.  I know there were a few traveling when we were & talked of meeting up. I think the next time we'd be in Sofia is on June 17th onward till we leave the 20th.  Let me know if anyone wants to meet up.  Imagine, having to go to Bulgaria to meet someone from the US.  That is about all I have for itinerary right now. 

So much more to do.  Poor Warren is really stuck at work.  It's extremely hard on both of us now b/c they are moving his office.  And NO, it can't wait till he gets back.  He may have to be there in the wee hours of the night one night to get it done.  Stinks as we have TONS to do here.  I need his help desperately and can't get it if he's at work in the evenings.  Please pray for a little more time.  Got to go.  Much more to get done.  Enjoy your evening.  May be able to post more soon.  Just priority has to be this upcoming trip & making sure my kids here are okay.  Oh, made a deal w/ a farmer today to pick up produce on a weekly basis for a discount.  It's awesome!  We go there all the time anyhow so why not.  Later.

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