Thursday, June 30, 2011

2 young sibs need your help finding a home!

I just got word yesterday of 2 young siblings trying to find a home.  The little girl is almost 2 years old and the little boy recently turned 3 years old.  Why is it important they find a home?  Because they have CF(cystic fibrosis).  Currently, they are healthy.  We all know however, that the orphanage is not the best place for children with this type of illness.  Other than the CF, these children are fine.  And too cute for words!  This is a disorder that will indeed require lots of care.  It is something that would have to be thoroughly researched if the prospective parent is not familiar with CF.  There are families out there with these great kids.  Do any of you remember those two sibling girls last year on America's Got Talent with  CF?!  They were amazing singers despite the lung issues of CF.  I was stunned b/c I had always heard of the limits these children have.  Those girls disproved many myths on that show as did a friend of mine who has a daughter with CF.  She does all kinds of things.  Just a normal kid in school with friends and activities.  There would be doctor appointments with these children of course.  But don't we all have doc appointments?

I need help spreading the word on this wonderful sib set.  They are located in the country I'm currently adopting from.  Yeh, there's a BIG hint for ya.  LOL.  It is a two trip process.  First trip is about a week as same region for these two unlike our current adoptions.  Second trip is even less in time.  Court is done after first trip and you are not present for court.  We had an awesome time as you can read about on previous posts.  Wonderful country to adopt from and you will be well taken care of.  I am awaiting later today to hear the fees on these two children but do know they will most likely be reduced fees.  Okay, I'm assuming that but given the circumstance, a safe assumption.  These two really do need a home that is safe and can give them the medical care they will need.  Please help spread the word for me.  I will update as soon as I can about these two.  I should know some fees later today or tomorrow. I can't post this but you can write me privately.  Please spread the word about two very young CF kids that need a loving home.   They are certain to thrive with the right care in the States.  There are plenty of CF families here in the States that I'm sure would be willing to share their stories.  Thanks for helping to spread the word.  I would love to see these two have a committed family within two weeks.  I know it would be a miracle indeed.  The more folks that know about these two precious little ones the better.  Help spread the word.  Thanks so much!

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  1. Stephanie,
    As you know my daughter came home with CF and has done GREAT!!! The medicines that the US has are great for treating CF. And there are many CF clinics in the states. We did a TON of research before adopting her, and it is pretty manageable. She was so sick in her country and now her doctor said that you would never know she had CF.

    If anyone has any questions please feel free to email me... I will be happy to discuss any questions.