Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's happening

Thought I'd update on a few things.  Just so you know, the last 2 to 3 weeks before you leave for an adoption trip are always filled w/ last minute paperwork, chaos, and things you'd never thought you'd have to do.  But, you find a way to get it done & quickly realize whining about it will not help.

Our situation is a bit different however.  We've had more than enough hurdles to jump over for sure.  We are having more thrown at us.  Some more serious hurdles than others.  Money is a biggie right now and I do need a separate post on that.  There is another hurdle w/ some recent medical info we just received.  I obviously can not say anything but just saying lots weighing on our minds right now as you can imagine.  End of school is fast approaching.  Alex did not pass his EOG's  for reading.  Not even w/ remediation.  However, he's moved onto 4th grade anyhow as we held him back last year.  Teacher thought it best to tell him he passed as he tried so hard.  I agreed but had VERY mixed emotions about the whole thing and lying to him.  Essentially, we are indeed lying to him.  Part of me wants to say no, you didn't pass Alex.  Sometimes that is just life.  You try your hardest but things just don't work out.  But, I didn't. Being his emotional state the last few months had wrenches thrown in it due to the investigation that drug up old memories, I let this one go.  He had his moment of great satisfaction that he passed from trying hard the second go around.  I was more proud that he gave it his all.  I mean seriously, it's taken us a lot to get Alex to the point of trying so hard to succeed.  Yana passed her math & reading EOG but failed Science.  She re-took it & guessing she passed as teacher never called me.  Bojan passed all his tests.  Alyona failed both reading & math.  Don't even get me started on the stupidity of the school system.  Okay folks, if a child is considered moderately mentally challenged, do you really need to give them a test on grade level?  DUMB people!!!  Makes the kids feel stupid and like they can't do anything.  She can't read the questions.  Seriously, Alyona can barely read.   1st grade level at best.  So how on earth do they expect her to read these questions and take the 4th grade test?  Makes no sense.  More on school later as well. 

This morning we went to get fingerprinted.  PIcked up Irina at school b/c she's over 18.  Went to the courthouse & then downstairs to the jail.  New experience for Irina.  BTW, Irina has a US passport.  She does not have a driver's permit as she hasn't passed the test yet.  Took it 3 or 4 times so far.  She's going to re-study she said while we're in Bulgaria.  Originally, the lady said she can't take the passport as it's not a valid ID.  Hmm, I thought it was.  She took it b/c she knows us & trust me, I greatly, greatly appreciated that.  I never realize just how delayed Irina is until we are out in public.  Sometimes it just hits me.  I don't say that to be mean or anything.  I'm just used to her being her but she definitely stands out when we go out somewhere.  You know how little kids ask a lot of questions to people they don't know?  Well, that's Irina too.  Thankfully, the folks today were friendly.  After fingerprints, we knew we wouldn't have enough time to drop off Irina back at school.  So, dropped her off at home & went to the doc for our medical appts. 

We needed updated medicals & need them for court.  They will be hand carried over there w/ us.  The doctor was gracious enough to squeeze us in today.  Knew my blood pressure would be  high. Who's wouldn't at at time like this?!  Sure enough, it was.  She agreed to take it at the end of the visit as well.  Took it then & it was normal.  Doc told me to relax a bit.  A little hard to do right now but I'm giving it a shot.  Past few days I've been just exhausted.  Adoption will do that to you.  Also, been dizzy w/ vertigo.  Found out today I have a sinus infection w/ it hitting the ear as well.  Antibiotics it is for 10 days.  I'll be done just in time for the trip but hey, at least I won't be miserable on the plane.  Grateful she caught that.  I'm still covered in poison ivy.  Won't seem to go away.  Doc said it's not infected & takes time.  Just don't want to be in Bulgaria and them think what is wrong w/ her arms?!  Warren had his blood drawn.  Guy has great blood pressure (can you tell he's the cool one here?  Or maybe it's b/c I'm the one doing all the paperwork & arrangements.  ).  Doc is just checking his cholesterol.  So, we seem good to go for the trip.  

Didn't get home till 1:20.  That was not expected.  "Littles" came over then & Warren went to work.  Irina stayed home.  School they are just watching movies she said.  Nice.  Your education dollars at work.  More things got done today & that's always a good thing.  Been a long day for sure though.  We're staying here this Memorial Day Weekend.  It's T- 16 days.  Oh, I now have an IEP meeting the day before I leave.  No, my life is not dull thank you very much.  Let's see what else?  Bojan's leg is still messed up. Prosthetist is working on stuff for us.  Long story w/ Otto Bock.  URGHH!!!  Don't give adult components to kids if the kids are active kids.  They will tear that knee up.  Nik's implants have intermittent problems that we need to go get worked on.  Again, one thing at a time is tough.  Found a pet sitter for our reunion trip.  Booked reunion lodging.  So, that part is done.  Bulgaria trip is booked.  Need to find the sitter still but may have someone.  Know more tomorrow.  Need to sleep but first have more papers to fill out.  Hope we can get stuff done this coming weekend.  Grocery shopping is definitely on this list.  We are switching to totally all fruits & veggies.  Pretty much there now anyhow.  There aren't too many boxed things here.  Going a step further though & no crackers & munchies now that are boxed.  Let you know how it goes.  Many reasons we are doing this.  Get into them later.   Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.  If you're in town, do stop by.  Door is always open here for sure. 

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