Monday, May 2, 2011

What are they doing?

Too many wordy posts lately.  And, shocked that I was actually able to get 5 posts out on Sunday.  Thought it was time for a silly type of thing.

This picture may not look like much but trust me, it is.  Just one of those silly things.  First of all, they discovered a you tube channel or netflix thing that you can sing along.  the words are on the screen.  Now, this wouldn't be so bad IF my children (or myself for that matter) could sing.  When all sing together, it's like injured cats howling. It's horrifying.  Seriously.  That is what they are doing in this picture...singing.  Or, some form of it.  Click on the picture and you'll see Warren's face.  Kota's trying to see if he wants to eat the puzzle pieces or not, winter boots are on the floor despite almost everyone in shorts, a trash can is in there for whatever reason, and one of the extras is in the round chair watching it all.  Much happening for such a little picture, huh?  It was just funny at the time.  One day, I will tape them.  LOL.  More posts to come but I have plenty of emails to catch up on first.  Plenty.  If I have not written you back, I WILL get to you.  Just been one thing after another type of week.  Going to the doc's unexpectedly for possible appendicitis for Yana was not in the plans for today either.  You just go with the flow around here though. I can also tell kids are anxious for summer to be here and school to be over.  Nik is starting to count down the days.  Irina said there's 27 days left but I have not counted so not sure.  My kids have counted down to Camp Cheerio however.  Even cleaned out the van already!  Got to go.  Enjoy your week.

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