Wednesday, May 11, 2011

To do list before trip 1

you would not really believe how this to do list keeps growing.  Since we had our investigation, we obviously have to add a bit more to things to make sure everything is crystal clear as to what exactly transpired.  I'm working on that.  Still waiting on the state's official written letter to me.  I was told over the phone the outcome & said I'd get a letter.  thought it would come today but hopefully tomorrow.  Mean time, here's some of the to do list.

  • find new travel partner as other two fell through
  • officially purchase airline tickets (they're on hold right now)
  • find where all the money is coming from (more on this one!)
  • get things for Summer, 'R', and Logan to do
  • put together 3 photo albums for the new kids to keep
  • make video before we leave to show them our life here at home
  • try to fix video camera (may have to borrow one)
  • get memory chip for camera
  • grocery shop
  • reorganize all doc appointments while I'm gone
  • organize all kids I'm watching (Warren will be taking over)
  • purchase gifts for trip
  • purchase orphanage donations
  • make links of love 
  • make reunion arrangements(it's 3 days after I get home)
  • sign up Bojan for Band Camp
  • check out when Vacation Bible School is
  • make sure shots are up to date
  • get Bojan his shots for middle school
  • get Nik his implant shots
  • make sure pups are up to date on everything
  • find a suitcase (ours are all mildewed)
  • make Alyona's birthday plans
  • make Alex's birthday plans
  • make Father's Day gift
  • have Father's Day cards ready to go while I'm gone
  • get Alex's present (already have Alyona's)
  • get pool ready (actually, this one is Warren's job)
  • order money from bank
  • find Irina a job
  • get Yana set up for Driver'sEd
  • find trumpet for Bojan
  • get Bojan's hand looked at (more on this)
  • sell stuff
  • check out homeschool stuff & finally decide on things
  • restart homeschool stuff
  • find cell phone (remember, I have none)
  • get new FBI and Child Abuse checks done as know we'll need for court
  • pay fees
  • figure out when my kids are staying w/ grandparents (Warren's)
  • teach my kids the National Anthem! (they don't know it! URGHH)
See, it's not just preparing for Bulgaria but the three weeks afterwards as well.  It will be one thing right after another.  That is the short version of my to do list.  I'm not counting what I have to to do for this week & getting ready to go to Deaf Camp.  I'm having to hunt down Halloween costumes tonight as this year's theme is Friday the 13th.  They're having a costume party.  Cute but when you have a million & one other things.  Max is out mowing the church's grass tonight.  Someone was kind enough to pick him up and he's volunteering.  No wonder his nickname here is mower man.  Well, got to go make dinner and start on this week's to do list.  We leave early Friday morning.  VERY excited to go to camp.  More to come on everything.  I know I've missed stuff on the list.  This is the starter list like I said.  you know what though, when you're on that plane, thinking about your kids, the last thing on your mind is that stupid list.  You just do one thing at a time, slow down and don't forget to breathe.  Have a wonderful evening.  Still on cloud 9.  My favorite new word is unsubstantiated. 

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