Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

I think it's been awhile since Thoughtful Thursday post.  Had a lot going on so that's the excuse I'm using.  Go w/ it please.   For those new, this is a time when I share something I've caught the kids doing during the week or such.  When you have behaviorally and emotionally disturbed kids, they do tend to get in trouble a bit more than most.  So, we try to find at least one thing positive they've done.  No matter how small, it still makes a difference.  We had a few group items this week that I thought were thoughtful so was going to throw those out there first.

 I know, you're thinking how thoughtful of them for getting beads all over the living room floor. Nope, that wasn't the thoughtful part.  Guess?  Come on.

All the kids decided to make necklaces for me to take to Bulgaria for their new siblings.  They thought of it on their own and I was really surprised at how much time they spent doing this together for 3 siblings they haven't even met yet.  Love can cross oceans, can't it?  I'm not even going to explain the whole mess in there or all the misplaced furniture.  I was just happy they were working together.  For someone else!  Now, that's thoughtful.

Max-- I thought it was sweet when Max decided to teach Yana and Irina how to work the lawnmower.  He is a very, very patient young man.  


This was Nik & Bojan at the doc's office.  Now, I had just taken Bojan for his TDAP booster for middle school & then found out Nik's vaccine for the implant was finally in.  So, took him back.  Well, Bojan knew Nik was scared of shots so volunteered to go with him. I thought that was really thoughtful.


Alex was one of the brave & thoughtful souls to volunteer.  See, every year we have to have 2 volunteers to go in & retrieve all the things Nik & a "little" threw in the pool.  This year, dinosaurs, rocks & torpedoes were amongst the treasures found.  See, we can't really run the pump or vacuum until the pool is cleared of debris.  Net can't get it all.  So, Alex volunteered for the job.  And no, the pool is not this nasty all the time.  It clears up quickly once all is removed.  


Let me explain how this is thoughtful. In our house we have this problem of pencil sharpeners always disappearing.  Hence, never any sharp pencils.  Well, one of Max's friends recently gave him a pencil sharpener.  Nik thought he was helping us out by sharpening the pencils.  Trouble is, with FAS, you just don't have that "stop" button.  This was the end result.  But thoughtful of Nik to be thinking of everyone & sharpen all the pencils.  And yes, this is normal thinking for Chaos Manor.

Irina-- Irina was helpful throughout our Family Deaf Camp trip.  We really appreciated all her help getting the kids ready & helping clean up. 


Mixed thoughtfulness on this one.  Yana made tea.  However, read the sign.  Only for people who are workin'.  Hey, she was thoughtful to think of the people who were working outside.  Why the tea couldn't have been for everyone...not sure.  LOL.

Alyona-- This one is hard because she is having a very tough time lately.  She has been sweet & playing with the "littles" though & helping with them.  We are hoping for Alyona's attitude to change soon.  More on that later.  There is a direct parallel with her attitude & school.  Much more happening at Chaos Manor.  Going to get our FBI fingerprints redone this morning.  You know, in case they changed over the last few months.  Then, medicals.  Then, sending off some pictures to Serbia.  Reservations are made for PA and the family reunion.  Getting things done bit by bit.  Got to go. 

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