Thursday, May 5, 2011

Still spring & bits & pieces

Still spring here in NC.  In the 80's though today only in the low 70's.  Beautiful weather for sure.  Our yard still has flowers blooming.  Azaleas are pretty much done blooming.  The iris' are still blooming though and all the hydrangea shrubs will be blooming shortly.  Love those.  Love bright colors in the yard. 

I just love the beauty of spring color and the freshness flowers bring.  So many little details.  Wish I had one of those houses w/ tons of flowers. I'll get there one day.  One day when my kids aren't kicking them over w/ the soccer ball or mowing them over w/ the lawn mower.  So yes, it will be awhile before I have one of those yards w/ all the flowers.  For now, enjoying what we do have here.  

Many flowers waiting to come into bloom.  I had to cut quite a few of these iris' for Teacher Appreciation week.  Then, one of my sons comes home & says his flower fell apart.  I can only imagine him handing the teacher the stem.  Only my kids.  they were supposed to write cards but none of my kids finished writing their cards.  And since we had to deal with our RADish this week, it takes awhile for things to get back to normal in my mind.  You know, what I was supposed to help them do and when.  Hey, we try here.  That should count for something, right?  We're lucky this week Nik even has any shoes left.  The kid is not listening when we tell him to put his shoes away.  Puppies have literally eaten  & chewed up 2 pair of his shoes.  His crocs and his nice flip flops for summer.  when do they start listening to mom??  

Guy is coming to hopefully fix the fridge.  I'm bummed b/c we had gone strawberry picking and lost a bunch of berries to the broken fridge.  It happens.  Just can't really afford to go pick more right now.  When it rains, it pours.  Over $600 to fix the cars (way better than we thought it'd be) and now the broken fridge.  Typically, this stuff wouldn't bother us.  However, with airline ticket booking looming, weak dollar, and jet fuel outrageous, it's penny pinching for everything.  We received taxes back and that goes directly to airline tickets.  I think we have enough to cover our first trip expenses.  However, the second trip is going to cost us a small fortune in airline tickets alone.  I'm guessing between $10,000 and $15,000.  We must fundraise for that.  There is no other way around it.  I will work on fundraising ideas for sure.  For now, have to concentrate on getting the kids out of school and rid of this poison ivy that Bojan, Alex & I have.  Ready for some homemade remedies at this point.  More to come.  I have quite a few posts but when you have one of your kids that needs healing, that is where the focus goes.  Not a blog.  Now that we're on the other side of that healing, I can do some other things.  Lots of plans being made for sure.  Have a wonderful week.  I've had two rare days off in a row and have definitely been able to get some things done.  Trying to work on a grant application today.  Many other items as well. 

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