Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Speech Therapy

I have some other posts coming up but weighing whether I should post.  How many can truly handle what it's like inside a RAD rage.  Part of me wants to share and part of me says I should wait.  I know some are curious.  I know some live it like we do.  I know some don't understand and want to know the why of it or the triggers.  I actually think it is important to share with other adoptive parents or potential parents.  It's a serious issue though that I think needs a little more light shined on it than what it gets.  Anyhow, for now I'll do a different post. I had off all day today.  It was a very welcomed break. 

One thing I thought I'd talk about is speech therapy.  Nik gets private speech therapy.  In a bit, he'll be doing auditory verbal therapy.  For now, he gets speech therapy at the house two times a week.  On Mondays & Wednesdays.  We have an awesome therapist named Tonia.  Our insurance covers this.  Nik also gets speech therapy at school either 4 or 5 times a week as well.  Nik does a variety of things with the speech therapist at the house.  Most the times we're at the table but sometimes we all venture outside.

Yes, this is what a session of our speech therapy will look like from time to time.  I know, I know.  Not normal.  But then again, neither are we.  And, whoever is here at the time after school knows the rules in regards to Nik's speech therapy.  A lot of time the "littles" or extras will help out as well since they're here.  Notice Alyona's belly in the background?

Notice our yard is the perfect spot to hide stuff?  That's b/c there's stuff laying all over the place.  Oh well, we try to be neat....sometimes.  Okay, there are 3 balls.  Nik is trying to learn yours and my.  So, we hide 3 balls while he & another person are in the house.  When they come out, the therapist asks him to find either his ball or her ball, using words your or my.  He loves the competition that he really listens.  

Great hiding place w/ Alyona, huh?  She thought of it herself which I thought was pretty clever.  

Most of the speech is inside at the dining room table though.  Nik doesn't mind but it is nice to shake it up every once in awhile w/ a game such as this.  He has really come so far, especially since getting the second implant.  Got to go.  Speech therapist is coming this evening.  Nik will have speech therapy for years to come and wonderful we found a great person to work w/ him.  He has made a ton of progress.  

More to come.  Making a ham, mashed potatoes and green beans for dinner.  We ate dessert cream sandwiches.  Kids are taking Digby for a walk and then Kota & Alaska.  I'm getting ready to work in the yard a bit.  Try to work w/ flowers  everyday.  Need to see the beauty in things especially, on an FAS day like yesterday.  Not much happening tomorrow.  Max is racking up some odd mowing jobs for people which he loves.  Works well for him.  Now, just have to work on Irina getting a job.  Slowly but surely.  Got to go.  Though a day off, didn't quite feel like one.  Guess that means I was actually productive today.  Enjoy your week.  I'm looking forward to the weekend for sure.  BTW, in case you're wondering, it is now 9 days till Camp Cheerio!  Yes, my kids are literally counting down the days.  To be honest, I am too. 

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