Sunday, May 1, 2011

Special Olympics 2011 (part II)

After the 50m run, she had the softball throw.  Several people were in that and it was SO close.  I couldn't tell if she had gotten 3rd or 4th.  So, we headed to the medal stand to wait. 

What a better way to kill time than trying on Daddy's hat.  Isn't she a doll?

Alyona told us she was tired from working so hard.  Nice nap in the sun.

We ended up waiting a long time for the medal.  No biggie.  So, they told her to come over.  Asked me what she got & I said I can't remember if it was 3rd or 4th as it was so close.  Lady said well, I think 3rd sounds wonderful.  So, gave her a medal!  Made Alyona's moment even more special to get two medals.  Very sweet of them to do that.  you should have seen the smile on her.  She could not stop smiling, showing everyone her two medals.  

Alyona w/ her buddy Tyra.  They are all paired up w/ a high schooler during the events.  This girl happened to be in Max's gym class and said Max is hilarious.  Really?!  We knew at home he was funny w/ Bojan but in school he always seemed to be such an introvert.  Neat to see another side of him through someone else.  She too agrees he tries to get out of gym and hates to run.  LOL.  She also said he's always drawing.  Yep, that's Max.  She was a wonderful young lady for sure!  She too was saying how rude it was of these girls to do what they did at Special Olympics.  We were passing a group of girls (all teens), and apparently one collapsed.  One was starting to scream "we need help!!!"  Warren started running over there as did a few others, girl got up and her friends were aggravated w/ her as was everyone else around.  NOT funny, especially, at an event like this w/ medical issues & personnel all around.  Some people just don't understand their actions.

Alyona listening to her mp3 player while eating gummy bears.  CVS donated a bag of gummy bears to every athlete there!  thought that was rather generous of them for sure.  They were good too.  We headed home for a bit.

Went home to pick up Digby and take him to Petsmart to be groomed.  See, he was a rescue from a place that kept him tied up in the yard all day long.  You felt very dirty after petting him.  Very dirty.  Apparently, he also had more white fur than we thought as it was covered in orange clay & dirt.  Groomer said he was filthy.  We agreed.  She made him beautifuly & unearthed some of his past scars and wounds.  We're treating some of those now w/ some neosporin & watching them.  He was gorgeous when he came out of there & happy.  Not sure when he last ever had a bath but knew it must have been a long time.  They said he was fantastic.  He even wanted to play a bit when he got home for the first time.  Glad we decided to get him groomed versus us doing it at home.  Also, found a coupon online which helped a little.  

After we dropped Digby off, we headed out to lunch w/ Alyona.  She ordered pizza w/ carrot sticks and chocolate milk.  All her choice.  Really thought she'd get fries but she said "mommy I like carrots you know."  

What better way to end a day?!  I gave Alyona my dessert that came w/ my meal.  I was way too full though I did take a bite.  It's an oreo ice cream cookie cake thing.  She's eating the strawberry dipped in chocolate.  Yum.  That was one of the best meals I think I've had in a long time.  

Alyona truly enjoyed her day.  We made it all about her.  She loved going out w/ just us.  Nice special time for her.  We heard those banging medals all day long.  Was just nice to hear.  We are very proud of Alyona and all that she has accomplished.  From orphan to Olympian.  Another amazing transformation.

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  1. Love the pic of Alyona and Tyra....I assigned the Cleveland volunteers and thought she would do a great job with Alyona....Sorry I didn't see you there! I was hoping to catch up on how the traveling plans are going....