Monday, May 9, 2011

Ready for a hunt

Going through some back logged pictures and found a couple.  Thought I'd share one.  More to come later today on what's happening here.  Irina, Bojan & Nik had dentist appointments I took them to last week & they were cavity free.  Max and Alex went today & they were cavity free.  Alyona & Yana go in June.  Hope they have the same results.  Vet came out to the house on Friday and said Digby is most likely a bit younger than they told us.  They originally said 2 to 3yo.  So, for now, we have no idea how old he is.  Doesn't matter to us.  We love him to pieces and he fits in well here. 

Do you think Nik is ready to go hunting w/ this set up?  I do.  Don't you just love a bag of garbage in this shot?  That is Yana's chore btw.  We rotate chores but refuse to rotate until they actually do them consistently.  We've been on this last batch of chores w/ what seems forever.  

He is as proud as can be.  That weapon was heavy too.  Light saber, a scope, a nerf gun, or 3, and much more.  He rigged it up himself.  Hey, he's got imagination.  Even if at times it's a little twisted. 

Hope all is going well for everyone.  Tons going on here but that is typical in Chaos Manor.  Just today I picked up Yana again for a migraine.  She's charting them per Raleigh Neuro's advice.  To me, it seems to be brought on by stress & all the school is  doing right now is stressing them out over EOG's.  You MUST pass, you MUST concentrate, etc,, etc.  Focus, take the test, use your knowledge & you'll do fine.  But the threats(that's the word I'm using like it or not) my kids are hearing are just ridiculous.   No need to keep reiterating the same thing.  If you don't pass, you'll have to take it again.  Then you may fail your grade for the whole year.  Just wears the kids down and Yana's migraines seem to be triggered by stress. She came home and she's perfectly fine right now, reading a book to the "littles."  I'm happy she's fine now but have to find a way to make sure the school doesn't stress her out more than normal.  School has natural stressors in it of course but I have a feeling teachers are adding to it during testing week.  You should have seen the look on the lady's face when I asked for a pre-excused absence slip for Deaf Camp.  They will be missing ONE day... this Friday.  Lady in the office is like "please tell me it's not EOG day!"  I said it would matter if it was b/c I don't believe in those tests.   You could tell she wasn't going to ask me further.  Don't blame her.  Admin knows exactly how I feel about those tests & my kids.  We've discussed it almost every time during an IEP meeting.  We go in circles and for the most part, agree to disagree.

Have a wonderful week.  Our kids have taken to bike riding big time and that's all they want to do now after school.  Working on fixing up some old bikes.  Great week to be outdoors and since my kids are totally outdoors type of kids, it works out well for us.  Stay tuned.  More to come. 

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