Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quick adoption update

In light of recent information, both Warren and I will be flying to Bulgaria on this first trip.  We at first were just going to have me go with a friend and him stay here.  That would save us the dramatic cost of a sitter.  At this point in time with new info we have, we feel it imperative we both go and meet all the children together.  I can not share more than that at this time.  It was a hard decision for sure.   And, if you are wondering, since finding out we were unsubstantiated, our children are back to normal.  I myself am shocked b/c the main reason we really wanted one of us here was we were worried about Alex and us being gone.  Not worried one single bit now.  He's fine, they're all okay and we've discussed things with them.  Only one worried is our 18yo.  Go figure.  She doesn't like us flying as she has this fear of us dying on an airplane.  She needs us to be gone to help conquer this fear.  Trust me on that.  IRina will be fine too.  Kids will have just gotten out of school.  Now time to find a sitter for our kids. 

We have travel papers to fill out, the I-800 form (turned in immediately upon return), I-864W, grant apps, POA's, redo medicals, etc.  LOTS to do and very little time.  Got to love it.  We have so, so much going on right now & some I will have to discuss later as it does involve the adoption.  Again, you do the step by step thing and it will eventually all fall into place.  Still haven't decided on that reunion yet.  So, more to come just thought I'd touch base since I've been so busy lately.  Have 2 "littles" tomorrow so maybe I can get a little done.  Not much but a little.  I promise to do some catch up things for sure. ADoption paperwork though has become priority.  More on that in the future.  Never dull here, that's for sure.  Enjoy your week.  I'll have final Camp Cheerio pictures and thoughts tomorrow at some point.  Maybe a little more on the adoption front.  Just crazy.  Only a few weeks to go and we are SO FAR BEHIND.  Time to get stuff done & off this computer. 

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