Friday, May 27, 2011

Please, please remember to....

bag it for the orphans!  I know many of you might be going out of town to enjoy a relaxing weekend.  Or even staying home relaxing by the pool, taking in a movie, etc.  For the cost of just two 2 liters of soda, you can do an amazing thing.  YOU can make the difference in hundreds of lives in 2 different orphanages in Bulgaria.  You can give these children hope.  Give them some basic necessities that we take for granted.  I am trying to raise funds to do this.  Just $2000 is what we need to make this happen.  May seem like a ton of money but really, it's not.  It is just a ONE TIME donation of $4 by 500 people or a ONE TIME donation of $2 by 1000 people.  I know there are many of you out there like me that have a couple hundred friends on facebook.  Or just folks you know.  I know there is going to be a lot of fun going on this weekend.  I know it will not be happening in the orphanages I am going to.  They really do need our help over there.  Please help us help these orphans.  Just $2 or $4 can seriously change a life.  As you look at that meal that you ate out, can you please consider just a little extra to go to the orphans.  Most of you will never even miss it.  Better yet, check your couch cushions, go through the loose change jar, check the floor of your car.  There is always money laying around those places.  That is change you would have never ever done a thing with to begin with.  We have only raised $80 thus far for the 2 orphanages.  This is just not enough.  I'll be honest.  It just isn't enough to even make a dent in hundreds of kids we are trying to help.  Read my first post a few posts back.  It is the post from May 23rd.  Title is Bag It for the orphans.  We were asking people to just bag their lunch for ONE day for the entire year instead of eating out.  Just ONE day.  that's it.   It really can mean the greatest difference in the world to these children.  Thanks for taking the time to read.  Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. 

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