Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pickle juice, peas & pups

Well, the boys are at it again.  Some times my boys will do anything on a dare.

Max & Bojan saying cheers to each other.  Why they are in my bedroom, I'm not quite sure.  That is not Mountain Dew they are drinking.  Can you even guess what is in those glasses they are about to down??  

 Bottoms up!  No grimacing or anything.  Got to love the pre-trip mess on the dresser, huh?  Any guesses yet on what they dared each other to drink?

Max taking a gulp.  Bojan's face says it all I think.  These two decided pickle juice from the giant jar of dill pickles was the thing to drink.  Yuck!  

Max mows the church grass every week to two weeks.  About 4 or 5 acres.  On that land there is also a garden.  We were so excited that he was able to bring a few fresh veggies home as we go through them like water.  We got snap peas, cabbage, red potatoes and onions.  LOVE them!  We used everything so far but the cabbage.  I'll use that with a recipe I have this week.  Wish we had the land for a big garden but that's our next house.  don't these look absolutely delicious?!  They were.

This is Trouble Kota.  He's the protector of the muttley crew for sure.  Don't let his size full you.  He is boss.  His nickname here is 'King Kota.'  No lie.  If he does not know you, he will NOT let you in this home.  He knows all the kids & their friends.  We love him but he is a piece of work at times. 

This was not how I wanted to sleep in this morning.  The muttley crew kicked me out of my own bed!  For those who were wondering if our dogs get along, here's the shot.  3 of them together.  Comfy as can be.  They abandoned their dogbeds for a much more soft spot.  

I think this picture says a lot.  Digby has fit in just fine in this home.   No biting or growling going on here.  Just some love.  Our dogs are part of the family as you can see.  They have free range of the house.  The puppies have grown up so fast.  Yet, still have plenty of puppy left in them.  

It's Memorial Day Weekend.  We're working on the house.  We went to Shoe Carnival to get the kids some shoes. Unfortunately, our puppies have eaten many of our shoes.  We only got what we had to get.  Did buy Summer some shoes for the fall.  Guessing they'll fit her by then.  If not, she'll grow into them.  But, when you can get brand new shoes for $6, you grab them.  

Went to the fruit stand & made a bit of a deal w/ the local farmer.  So, we'll be able to get produce quite a bit cheaper.  Hey, every little bit helps.  Monday, I'll go take my list to him & pick it up the next day.  Very excited. Today, we went to church and have been home cleaning ever since.  Warren has been painting the outside windows that have been rotting. He's chipping stuff away, caulking, & re-painting.  Lots of work.  Max & Yana did some yard work.  I've been trying to sell stuff online to raise some funds for the orphanages.  Every little bit helps.  PLus, always nice to clear the clutter.  Kids have been swimming some today as well.  Trying to relax despite it being T- 13 days!  NOT ready.  Not enough money, no sitter, no driver from the airport, etc.  I know we'll get there but not easy.  Got to go.  Enjoy your weekend.

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