Sunday, May 1, 2011

Opportunity of a lifetime (PLEASE READ ALL)

As most of you already know by now, I try to advocate for various special needs children.  Mostly older kids.  It's hard.  It's the hardest category of children to place.  If you have a 1yo and a 6yo w/the same exact disability and situation, I guarantee that 1yo will be placed w/in a day.  Or, at least that has been my experience.  I feel like older kids are sometimes the forgotten ones.  We have adopted what is deemed to be all older children.  I can tell you, they are in no way older.  They have SO much to give and live for.  Everything is new to them when they first come home.  You still experience so much and with that much more intensity b/c they know what is going on.  I'm not trying to down play having a baby or a toddler home at all.  It is great at any age is my point.  I just don't want the older ones to get overlooked due to misunderstandings.  The biggest misunderstanding that you have somehow missed out on most their life.  NOT true!  Their life is new w/ you.  Everything is an experience with you.  Everything is a first with you.  And the best part is, they know it!  They love it.  Their smile gets bigger w/ each new experience.  I will never, ever forget the day we gave Max pop rocks gum for the first time ever.  You'd thought his head had exploded.  We have never laughed that hard ever again.  Seriously, that was the hardest, deep belly laugh.  We got to experience that together w/ our "older" son for the first time ever.  What a joy!

My kids were ages 3, 4, 4, 6, 6.5, 7, and 8.5.  Next ones will be 4, 9, and 10.   All of these children were deemed older kids.  As if somehow that means something less.  Yet, it doesn't make them any less of a child.  There is so, so much they haven't done and even more they haven't done w/ you.  The first time they try new foods, the first time you hear their English, the first swim, first bike ride, first birthday cake, etc.  I could go on all day long.  You are not missing out on anything but the love of a child and the opportunity of a life time. 

I became aware of a situation a few weeks ago.  Was asked to help find this child a home.  Posted a  few places.  Not a one called about this precious child.  Nothing mentally wrong, just physically has athrogryposis and some other issues.  In other words, he would absolutely thrive here in America.  We have till August to find him a home.  He even has a $5,000 grant.  Yet, no one seems interested.  This is a limb different child.  I have one of these type of children though my child has a different disability.  I have seen blogs of many children w/ athrogryposis and just what these children can do.  Plenty!  It should NOT have bearing on him having a family.  His legs were stuck in a criss cross position.  Most likely, he could have used prosthetics to get around.  However, now that is not possible.  The wait was too long.  For whatever reason known to man, they went ahead at the orphanage and totally cut off his legs.  I am not exaggerating when I say totally amputated them.  I was stunned.  Stunned they did this to him.  He will most likely be wheelchair bound now.  It was hard before to find him a home and now, now it will be that much tougher.  Not only that, the why of it all hurts. It really does.  Why do this to him when they knew people were trying to find him a family to be there for him when he got surgery.  Why do this when he is going to be transferred in August to a really not so good mental institution.  This is one of the bad ones too from what I've heard.  He needs help, he needs a family.  He needs you.  Any of you can help spread the word about Jack.  He will need a special family that can handle his needs.  Again, this kids would really and truly thrive in a family environment.  Legs or no legs.  He'd thrive.  His development is fine.  Upper body strength is awesome.  He does handstands and all.  I can not fathom him going to a mental institution in August. I just can't.  He has way too much potential for that.  Just like Nik did.  I also just don't understand why no one has even inquired about this child.  It just blows my mind and hurts my soul.  I can not give the country he is located in in EE.  Just know I'm VERY familiar w/ this country.  Please feel free to contact me if you'd like more information on him.  Please, if anything help spread the word for Jack.  He has only till August to find a family which b/c of recent events will most likely be much harder.  Thanks for letting me share.  I just want to close with this:  Older kids have not waited this long in orphanages b/c they are no good or no one wants them. On the contrary.  Older kids have waited this long b/c they ARE special and b/c good things come to those who wait.  I think some of  you have waited long enough.  Time to find out more about Jack.  Give me some time to answer you if you write me please.  It's been busy here.  Help me find a family for Jack.  That is the least we could do for this young boy.  I can't wait to see what this kid grows up to do.  Just feel that this is one of these kids really worth talking about and advocating for. 

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  1. Too sad :( I hope Jack gets a family soon. I'd do it if I wasn't single, living on the third floor of a non-handicapped accessible apartment, and dirt poor and not out of grad school yet... I've been wanting to adopt for so long.

    There are several adoption organizations/groups that cater to those wanting to adopt d/Deaf children - I wonder if there's any for children with limb differences? If you make some postings there, you may get a family who is willing and able to start the process.