Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My graduate

Another milestone reached in this home.  Do you know who it is?

I took a picture of the picture so it's fuzzy but you can clearly see who it is.  Bojan is graduating from 5th grade to 6th.  No more elementary school.  He's going to the big leagues next year of middle school.   We have yet to decide if he's staying home or not.  For now, he will attend middle school.  I still can hardly believe he is 12 years old and done with elementary school.  The time went by way to fast.  He came to America at 6 years old.  No English.  He was in special ed up until this year.  BOY did he come far!  He is no longer in any special education services whatsoever.  No pull outs or anything.  His progress has been stunning.  I really gave him a hard time in 3rd grade b/c I realized at that point he had way more potential than he was letting on.  I was not going to let him take that for granted.  I stayed on his case, gave him a hard time, tough love kind of thing when it came to school.  No coddling for him.  Well, that was when he turned things around.  And, he hasn't stopped since!  Bojan has done extremely well academically in school.  Regular classes and all.  Though his spelling has much to be desired, all else is pretty good.  I can not complain.  Very creative guy.  He will be playing trumpet this coming year in school.  I can only imagine what the future has in store for him.  It is endless right now.  He graduates this Thursday in a ceremony at the high school.  Very proud of him and just wanted to share. 

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  1. What a handsome and bright young man! You have every reason to be proud.