Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The muddy muttley crew

Well, those past few posts were quite a bit to digest I'm sure.  CPS investigation behind us, to do list that is ever growing, and much more made for some long reading.  Thought I'd break some things up a bit then get back to the adoption stuff later along w/ our upcoming family Deaf Camp trip this Friday! 

Guilty dog #1 of the muttley crew. Kota is looking at the camera.  No, his fur is not supposed to be black.  Pups escaped one evening and had too much fun.  

Guilty dog #2 of the muttley crew.  This is Alaska after her escapade.  Where did her beautiful white fur go?!

A little closer view of the escapee.  Umm, that color was bright green.  

A closer shot of Alaska.  Yes, that is supposed to be white fur.  What stinks about all this, besides the obvious dog, is the fact that they did this at 11 o'clock at night.  Warren ended up giving them both a bath this time & then got a cold shower as they used all the hot water.  He did not appreciate the puppies that night one bit.

Ahh, there's my pup with the beautiful white fur.  She does come clean.  Though she was chewing some plastic toy up on the stairs.  That's what those black pieces are on there.  What a dog.  She is definitely not as innocent as she looks.

Look, totally different color!  He comes clean too.  His fur is so unique.  You should feel it.  Just very different.  Even the vet comments on how different it is.  

This is part of the muttley crew too.  However, this is our mellow fellow.  He's absolutely perfect!  Seriously, he is.  Very sweet natured.  Quiet.  Goes outside and comes right back in.  No maintenance, nothing.  Just a big ol' loveable fellow.  Sometimes he looks at the pups like what in the world are they thinking.  The vet said maybe Digby can teach Kota a thing or two.  I sure hope so.  he's been a great fit into the family for sure.  Wow, who'd have ever thought 3 new puppies and 3 new kids in a matter of months.  Yes, we weren't thinking and we like it that way.  

Another one of Digby's favorite spots.  He adores Warren.  I mean, this is Warren's dog without a doubt.  We are so glad he found his home w/ us.  Vet said she thinks he's younger than what the rescue people that.  Strange as he has such an old soul.  We'll never know exactly how old he is or when his birthday is and that's okay.  Alex had 5 different birthdays when we found him in Russia.  Why should our dogs be any different?  They're part of the family.  And this family has quirks here and there.  

This will be the first weekend ever that we've ever left any of these dogs alone for an extended period of time.  Praying it goes well.  Dogs are all healthy.  Vet gave us advice on what to try w/ Kota and his barking.  A water squirt bottle.  And it works!  Geez, wished we'd have done it earlier.  More posts to come.  Adoption stuff and tidbits.  Right now, need to get other stuff done. 

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