Sunday, May 1, 2011

Max's drawings

Haven't posted any of Max's artwork in a long time.  Thought I'd post one.

Max had to do a pointalism project.  I'm sure I spelled that wrong.  He put the house in the background and some other things he likes.  I see drafting stuff, art stuff, tools, music, tv, etc.  I think it turned out really well.  He's growing artistically for sure.  

The first one was close up.  This shot isn't as clear but you can see the whole picture.  I may be biased but I do think my son is a pretty dog gone good artist.  And, it's something he likes to do.  Need to harness that talent and do something with it.  

Warren and Max are getting ready to install the invisible fence to try to keep the two pups contained.  We have literally tried everything else.  I have never seen dogs like these that can jump anything put in their path.  Digby is great.  Stays in the yard and listens.  Other pups could learn something from him.  Rest of the kids and I have been cleaning up the yard a bit and sorting items.  Need to sell some items and get funds going.  It's going to be tight this first trip.  We'll cross the second trip fund issue when we get to it.  Bottom line, we'll have absolutely nothing for the second trip.  And, that will be the most expensive part.  We are guesstimating airfare for the second trip to be at least $10,000 to get us home.  Yikes!  One thing at a time.  Can't worry about it all at once.  For now, getting through the end of the school year is my goal.  big decisions coming up as well.  Whole other post on big decisions too.  Got to get back to work.  Playing catch up this evening on some more emails. I'm getting there.  Just takes time.  Another beautiful day in NC.  In the mid- 70's and sunny.  Got to love it.  We have to soak it all up b/c in June here, hot as can be and humid.  You don't even want to go outside unless you're in water.  More later.

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