Monday, May 30, 2011

Manic Monday

Happy Memorial Day!  Please take a moment to remember those who so valiantly fought for our country.  They sacrificed so that we may enjoy our freedoms today.

So much happening as usual at Chaos Manor.  Had 4 "extras" today. Just two extras left.  May take the 9 of them to Wally World soon for a few items.  Kids and us are making tie dye t-shirts.  We do this every time we go on a big trip so that it is easy to spot any of our kids.  We only do it for big trips that are not local.  Anything local, no need.  But, when our kids are in crowded places & do not know anyone, then yes, we all wear the shirts.  And, let's just say tie dye makes it not so nerdy.  Hoping we can do a bright blue this time.

Warren & Max are fixing screens today & painting.  Found out we will get 2 sets of brand new neighbors the day we return from Bulgaria.  Umm, new  neighbors have no idea we will have 10 kids.  Not sure if that's a good selling point. LOL.  Can't wait to meet the new neighbors though.  VERY sad to see the old ones go.  They've been great!  Quick recap for the happenings to come.  End of school w/ ceremonies & parties, adoption trip to Bulgaria, family reunion trip to PA, 4th of July, Alyona's b-day, and Alex's b-day, & then vacation Bible school.  I think we may be a bit busy in June& half way through July.  That doesn't have all the little stuff thrown in it either. So, busy as usual. 

This week we have a lot of stuff happening for the end of school.  We need to get Nik's implants fixed at some point.  There is something just not working right on them. It's an intermittant problem & we've trouble shooted every which way.  Have to take him in.  That stinks!  Do what you have to though and move on.  Got to go. It's now evening.  I know that was all short but I truly have to get this paperwork done tonight & it's already 10pm.  Tomorrow, pick up a cashier's check , go to the post office, & then off to school for 2 different field days.  100 degrees.  Lovely.  Enjoy your week. I'll have more tomorrow.  Oh, best part is we have a sitter!  More about her later.  Oh, & this weekend's sermon from Children's Church included them saying a phrase... "it will be okay.  God is leading the way."  So true right now.  BTW, we have raise $500 thus far for the orphanages.  We have $1500 to go!  We MUST do this.  Read the previous posts for more info & I'll have more info tomorrow on it as well.  For now, papers are calling me. 

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