Monday, May 23, 2011

Manic Monday

Another weekend gone.  How'd that happen?  I crossed a bunch more things off my list but so much more to do.  Don't know how I'll get it done but know I will.  Did I tell you I seem to have lost misplaced my I-800A?  Can't find it.  That's now on my to do list.   Anyone think OCD doesn't have a profound effect on others best think again!.  URGHH.  Irina obsessively cleans the counters.  important papers we've started hiding elsewhere.  Well, they cleaned the house this weekend and rummaged through the coffee table drawers.  Yes, this is my life.  Everyday.  Got to love it at times.  Other times, I think we'd be better off as hoarders.  LOL.  Those folks seem to know where everything is no matter how high it's piled up.

Yana called home early this morning w/ a migraine.  So, now she's home.  I have no littles today so that I can work solely on papers & locating other papers. Got papers notarized at the bank this morning.  See, we have to do additional paperwork due to the whole CPS investigation that was found unsubstantiated.  Since this time, I have learned a WHOLE lot about just what goes on at the school and how words are twisted around.  I was intrigued this weekend by another parent.  Tons of info & am now even more certain I know where the original complaint came from.  I am being told by many to not trust the school.  Hard as we've gone there for so long now.  I know not all are bad, but only takes one as we've seen to spoil the whole bunch and reak havoc on our lives.  So, we are proceeding w/ caution on what to do about homeschooling.  And, since I can't seem to get an answer about Alyona's classroom's possible impending merge, she will most likely be homeschooled as well.  See, last time they merged the lifeskills class w/ the other self-contained class, Alyona regressed...a lot.  We can't have that happen.  There are big time budget cuts here in the schools so I can't blame them.  Just wish I could actually get an answer from someone as it helps parents decide what to do over the summer.  The same is going on w/ Irina's school & her classroom issue.  No one knows where anyone's going to be & no one can seem to make an executive decision to do so.  Central office of special education here has MUCH to be desired.  A new head took over so we'll see if she can change it around.  Meantime, we must prepare.  So, for now, looks like we'll be homeschooling Irina, Alyona, Alex, Summer & possibly Nik.  We're still waiting to see what the DPI has to say about Nik's education.  More on the homeschooling front later.  Sorry I got sidetracked.  It happens here.  Especially, on a Monday.  Much to get back to as far as paperwork goes.  Stay tuned for an important post on the orphanages! 

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